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Our top 5 best Christmas movies

As that time of the year approaches, you start hearing conversations about Christmas shopping, music, and of course, movie classics. Cause nothing is better than curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and watching your favourite Christmas movies with family or friends. We asked our team what their movie marathon looked like and the answers may surprise you. So, if you are out of ideas, grab a pen and take notes.

Home Alone: This movie is very typical, but Joana (Community Manager intern) loves it because it reminds her of Christmas Eve when she used to watch it with her siblings and cousins. They loved recreating the scene when Kevin’s mother screams in the airplane: "KEVIIIIIIN".  In the beginning, the film can be a little bit sad, a little boy left alone for Christmas. But then, it becomes kind of an action movie where Kevin begins to set up a lot of mischievous traps for the thieves that try to break into his house.

Home Alone


The Harry Potter Films:  I know what you are thinking: Harry Potter a Christmas movie? Remember, we are writing about Funky Fat Team’s favourite holiday films and this is Amanda’s (Community Manager) favourite. Every Christmas when she went back home, she would do a marathon with her younger siblings and it brought them together while sipping iced lemonade (since in Costa Rica there’s no winter).


Harry Potter, Hermione Granger , Ron Weasley


 Love Actually: Now THIS is a classic! That's why this film is the favourite of two of our team members. Clemens (Sales Director), lived in the UK for 18 months which is why he liked the whole setting of the film. The top advice Clemens gives is to always watch it in its original version. 

Louisa (Founder of Funky Fat Foods), on the other hand, loves this film because it deals with the pain of unrequited love in the most beautiful scene ever. A lot of people enjoy watching this film because it shows love in all its forms, every character’s story is different and relatable on its own. 


 Love Actually


 Trading Places: You know it’s Christmas in Italy when this movie is on TV. Giovanni (Digital Marketing Manager) like a good Italian, loves this holiday film. Turns out, in Italy, it has been broadcast on TV every 24th of December, since he was a kid. Therefore, he watches it every year. Trading Places is an American comedy with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and tells the story of two characters from different backgrounds whose lives intersect when they unwittingly become the object of an elaborate wager to see how each of them would act when their life circumstances are exchanged.


Trading Places


The Grinch: If you've been reading this and you're not a Christmas fan, this is the movie for you. It is recommended by Maria (Community Manager intern). This is a safe place, you aren’t being judged for not liking Christmas, (or...maybe a little 🧐) in fact, we bring you a survival guide to help you get through all the holiday dinners. Maria likes to watch The Grinch because she says that, in the end, it’s a film that explains that Christmas is not about materialistic stuff, but about joy, kindness and generosity.


The Grinch


There you go, our own Funky Fat Christmas list. We hope you liked all the movies listed, and please help us reach an agreement and tell us which one of these Christmas films would you pick to be your favourite!

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