Keto Chocolate Volcan In Airfryer

Disclaimer: this recipe was created by @misrecetukas_keto_lowcarb

You can make this delicious recipe in 10 minutes and I guarantee you'll want to make it again and again because it's so good.😍😋

👉🏼Ingredients (3 units)



  • Ounce of chocolate Funky Fat Foods 
  • sugar-free ferrero cream,
  • ketonutela or sugar-free chocolate kinder cream to your liking.




  1. Mix all the ingredients except the chocolate chips and the filling.
  2. Pour into the moulds and add an ounce of chocolate or a teaspoon of your favourite unsweetened chocolate cream in the centre, making sure it is well covered with the first mixture.
  3. Add some chocolate chips on top and place in our airfryer for 8 minutes at 180°C, be careful not to leave it longer if it doesn't set completely and what we want to achieve is that liquid texture in the centre 😋.


We hope you love this easy Chocolate Volcan as much as we do!! 🍫😍


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