Q&A With Jasmine: Founder Of Lovari

Q&A With Jasmine: Founder Of Lovari

We interviewed Jasmine from the company Lovari. An activewear company for women using sustainable materials. Lovari is all about making pieces that are super sexy. Make it good in your activewear and have as little impact on the planet while in the process.

Jasmine is a marketing manager during the day. She works for a big brand called Ford. Today she explains how she manages her 9 to 5 job and how nutrition plays a role in her staying energized and motivated to continue with her brand.

Beginning of her journey

She started about 2.5 years ago. Like most people during covid, she had way too much time on her hands. Back then, she read a book by Jay Shetty. She already had that feeling of starting a business but had no idea what. She looked for something within the beauty and organic make-up. However, being a harsh industry, she went back to what she liked to do. That’s when she discovered she loved working out and spent much time at the gym. She liked to buy it and wear activewear, so it seemed like that would be it. She learned a lot about the dark side of fashion and discovered that that wasn’t her joy anymore. All those things made it clear that she had to make a sustainable active brand.

Issue and purpose

Jasmine had to make her brand stand out of all the sustainable brands. “What is something that isn’t on the market yet?” No brand makes activewear sexy and hot but also sustainable. No one seems to use the language “sexy activewear”, but it all makes sense when she thinks about it. We use it for bikinis and underwear, but no one uses it for activewear. While working out, you don’t want to think about that. You just want to work out but also feel comfortable. She started thinking about what she liked in the contouring of a dress and the feeling while wearing it. Creating something that is different and makes you feel really good in activewear was a real yet achievable challenge.

That’s exactly what you see in her designs. They are feminine but not over the top. It is all about accentuating all your favourite parts.

Finding someone with the materials and who could make what I had in mind wasn't easy. Not at all. She had no background in fashion at all and was starting with nothing to go on. Luckily, she found a lady in London. How it works with factories is that you draw up a design, give it to the factory with details on it, and then you see what they create. In the beginning, she sent it out to 5 different factories that she found on Google Earth. One of them came back, and it was so bad it was terrifying and everything.

All the factories were in Portugal, so she collected the ones they work with now. She got a good vibe from them. They have good facilities and decided to start there. 

Advice from Jasmine

Jasmine’s advice is: don’t wait until you get the money that you think you might need. You can do much work and advance before you get to that point. You can think about your brand and where you want to be on the market. Just get going with it. You’ll never get rid of the feeling of “what am I waiting for” until you start doing it. That is something she kept telling herself. “What is the worst that could happen?”

While working on this personal project, she got promoted at work. She was convinced it was because she learned and upscaled herself so much while she was working on Lovari.

Her Daily Routine

Jasmine tells us she is a routine kind of person. She loves to follow a routine and knows what she can expect during her week. She likes to wake up, and the first thing that she does is go to the gym. She likes to do that first thing in the morning to feel energised throughout the day. After that, when she has no online meetings, she meditates. Just some simple breathing work. When she comes back, she hydrates with a celery, cucumber, and spinach smoothie. After that, she takes her coffee and her breakfast. Then she goes to work. She doesn’t eat anything from breakfast till lunch. For lunch, she usually makes a chicken salad almost every day. For dinner, she uses the air fryer to make some vegetables with potatoes. That is mainly during the week. On the weekends, she enjoys different meals with friends and doesn’t feel guilty if some foods she eats are not as healthy as others. Her routine is more of a habit and a lifestyle.

From Vegan to Keto

She was a vegan until she started a new gym where they were advised to try eating keto for at least two weeks. And that was almost the opposite of her eating habits at that moment. She wanted to give it a try, so she did. Jasmine mentioned she was a vegan because she wanted to try it out but wasn’t passionate about it. 2 weeks in, she looked and felt better than ever. The difference was crazy. Now, she doesn’t do full keto but tries to follow a low-carb diet. She recommends everyone to just at least try it and see how they feel.

“I am still figuring out what works best for me because I can eat and eat and eat. I can eat a lot, so I have to see if this has to do with my blood sugar or because I train a lot. I am still figuring it out.”


She is working on a new collection at the moment. She already has the designs. Right now she is working at a new factory in London. She is considering making a collection in colours such as coffee, chocolate, or cream tones as it seems to be the popular demand.

She loves what she’s doing by growing Lovari and she could just lose herself diving into all the possibilities and see what she can do and grow even more. Jasmine believes that once You can lose yourself completely in something you will know your thing and what you like to do.

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