Q&A Dr. Folusha Exercise Medicine and Qualified Personal Trainer

Q&A Dr. Folusha Exercise Medicine and Qualified Personal Trainer

Dr. Folusha is a practicing NHS General Practitioner, with a bachelor of science in Sport and Exercise medicine and a level 3 Qualified personal trainer. She takes a unique, holistic, approach to health and fitness by combining her medical background with exercise medicine to create the best content on fitness tips, advice and motivation as well as the HIIT workout workout programs on her website. During this podcast, Dr. Folusha explains more about what her healthy habits and routines look like. She’s an advocate for the ‘no excuses’ to working out but she’s also a strong believer in replacing instead of restricting when it comes to foods. 

Background in education

I have a sports and medical background. I did a sports medical degree later I decided to do coaching and a course of personal training and fitness lifestyle advice. I do a little of everything conditional is my focus but I also do mobility, yoga, pilates, I try to combine those things as well. 

Funky Fat Chocolate 

I tried the chocolates, they were really really good! I couldn't stop eating it. I really liked the coffee and the coconut. Those are my favourite. I am not Keto but I definitely love healthy food that tastes good and has high healthy fats. 

I am one of the people who always did sports. I played netball and applied for exactly everything in high school. I always enjoyed playing it. When I got into University I wasn’t thinking about wanting to do sports medicine. So I did an extra year for a sports medicine degree. But then I didn’t really pursue it that much at the time. I was still going to the gym and working out. I decided that I didn’t want to go into sports surgery or anything.  A few years ago I got into weight training. I enjoyed that so much that I did some extra teaching lessons and was looking for a way to go forward from there. 


The thing that surprised me the most about weight lifting is not really the mindset because that is grieved into it now but it is much more effective and sustainable long term than lots of aerobic exercise. Nothing against runners because I admire them but it comes very challenging. It has a high effect on the body and it asks for a lot of recovery. But you can do other sports where you can improve muscles and train your condition and recover quicker , which is less high intensity then running. 

My Program 

I started making programs for exactly anyone who wants to workout in the gym or in a home setting with weights. Do a bit of weight training and a bit of exercise. But you're going without a plan without a program. So that you have one now. A program that you could follow that you see and know the purpose of working out. That you wanna stick to it and see the results.It started with one program called fit which is a combination with strength training and circuits. It starts with one program to get fit which is more a combination of strength training but also some circuits , low intensity and cardio exercise. With a small bit of cardio which is optional. They are very similar. People try them both, but I preferred more like the whole program. There is a variation in the workouts. There is one more for someone who wants to keep up more the aerobic side or maybe he is newer to weight lifting so it has extra variation in it. So I offer these to workouts and I also give personal training. There I dive a little bit deeper to what the person needs and train them for it. 

During covid I got the time to explore besides work there wasn’t much going on beside that. That was the moment I discovered that I liked this so much.

I definitely enjoy strength training the most, however, I do like to be physically fit so I did try to keep up the running or the high intensity workouts once a week. I do weights for 3 days a week and otherwise I keep walking and do other active stuff. So that is what I did. In the winter I try to incorporate more Yoga and pilates because then I have more time for it. Mobility is something I add to my pre-workout. I warm up, mobilise and then train. So that is something I do everything. The same as stretching. 

I think it is important that you combine the gym and a healthy lifestyle with your normal life. So you should go out with friends and eat whatever you want. You can combine your meal preps with your social life. I think it is very important. You just have to be smart about how you do it. 


About food it is important that you just eat enough protein, use the right vet and the right carbs in your meals. When you want to gain weight you could add some extra and when you want to lose weight you just skip some. Make sure you take enough even though you want to lose weight. I prioritise the protein and let the carbs and fat be the same. But that is different for every person. I would recommend not to eat every hour but that you scale your meal so that you have bigger proportions instead of eating all the time. 

For my training I split them, upper and lower. Form is based on upper and lower. It takes more time to train every body part separately and you also want to train them more times a week. If you're able to train them more times a week like 3 or 4 times then you're able to train like that. So you need to do enough sessions for that. 

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