Nootropics and Adaptogens in Coffee: Unveiling the Power of Upraising's Functional Blends

Nootropics and Adaptogens in Coffee: Unveiling the Power of Upraising's Functional Blends

In our latest podcast we were joined by Guy Morley, the visionary behind Upraising. Upraising is a remarkable functional coffee company that blends the finest Colombian coffees with powerful nootropics and adaptogens. Just like our Funky Fat chocolates, their coffees are infused with ingredients that enhance your physical and mental well-being, offering stress management and cognitive support. Keep reading to discover their incredible products and their mission to empower you to unlock your full potential each and every day. There's a surprise gift at the end!

Guy's path to functional foods

The path that led him to the functional world was an intriguing and transformative one. It all began approximately eight years ago when he made a life-altering decision to leave his successful career as a lawyer and venture into the vibrant city of Barcelona. It was there that he established a company specializing in the production of healthy iced tea. While the iced tea he created was not exclusively functional, it incorporated various elements of functionality, such as being sugar-free and low in calories. After selling the company, he embarked on a new chapter, delving deeper into the food industry and nurturing his passion for developing and promoting healthy products.

In his personal life, he had always shown a keen interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He regularly integrated a diverse range of supplements into his daily routine, with a particular fascination for those derived from mushrooms due to their reputed ability to enhance focus. This curiosity sparked his exploration into the origins and applications of these mushroom-based supplements. Through his research, he discovered that the trend of incorporating mushrooms into coffee originated in the United States, where individuals began blending mushrooms with their daily cup of joe. This unique combination was found to have synergistic effects, optimizing concentration and offering a plethora of benefits.

However, not all mushrooms were suitable for this purpose. Functional mushrooms, specifically selected for their positive impact on brain function, concentration, and focus, became the key ingredients in his coffee. The primary objective of his product was to promote heightened focus, not only for work-related activities but also for sports enthusiasts such as snowboarders and mountain bikers, who required intense concentration in their pursuits. The coffee aimed to enhance focus in any situation where it was deemed necessary.

The coffees and their mushrooms allies

The functional coffee line consisted of three distinct flavours, each meticulously crafted to cater to specific needs:

  1. Flow State: Focus memory clarity 
  2. Live Well: Immunity vitality longevity 
  3. Bright Mood: Calm happiness creativity 

A common question that often arose was whether the coffee could be consumed with sugar and milk without interfering with the mushrooms' effects. The answer was yes; one could certainly add milk to the coffee. Instead, he recommended to prepare the coffee in the usual manner and savour its natural taste.

Another frequently asked concern revolved around the mushrooms used in the coffee and whether they contained any drugs. For Guy it was crucial to clarify that the functional mushrooms incorporated in the coffee did not contain any drugs or other unusual ingredients. The term "functional" was deliberately chosen to avoid any misconceptions. The coffee was meticulously crafted with utmost transparency to provide consumers with an authentic functional experience.

Guy tells us the journey into the functional world wasn't without its challenges. Developing a product that seamlessly combined the benefits of mushrooms with the rich, aromatic experience of coffee required extensive research and experimentation. They explored different varieties of mushrooms, each with its unique properties and potential health benefits. From there, their selection process involved partnering with expert cultivators to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of the mushrooms used.

Additionally, the sourcing of coffee beans was equally important. The coffee used was carefully chosen for its flavour profile, ensuring a delightful drinking experience that complemented the functional benefits of the mushrooms. The coffee needed to be both enjoyable and effective in enhancing focus and concentration and they knew they could achieve it.

Some flavours exhibited their effects within an hour, while others took up to ten days to manifest noticeable benefits. The unique composition of each flavor and its impact on individuals' bodies needed personal experimentation to determine one's ideal fit. This allowed individuals to explore and discover the flavour that best suited their specific needs and preferences.

Any future plans?

Looking towards the future, Guy tells us the company had plans to introduce a caffeine-free option. Recognizing that some individuals either dislike caffeine or prefer to avoid it altogether, they sought to cater to a broader audience. Amanda mentions without our offices at Funky Fat Foods we have two colleagues who adore the aroma of coffee but refrained from drinking it due to the associated jitters. Guy explains that the ideal solution for them would be the Bright Mood flavour, which featured reishi to reduce cortisol levels, 5-HTP for a mood boost, and L-theanine derived from green tea, ensuring a jitter-free experience akin to drinking tea.

His journey into the functional world began with a desire to create a healthy product, but it gradually led him down a fascinating path of exploration and innovation in the realm of functional foods. Through his mushroom-infused coffee, he aimed to provide individuals with a powerful tool for enhancing focus and overall well-being. With unwavering dedication, he continued to refine his creations and inspire others to make healthy choices. As the functional food industry continues to evolve, his contributions serve as a testament to the transformative potential of embracing healthy living and harnessing the benefits of nature's gifts.

As the demand for functional products grows, he remains committed to further research and development, constantly exploring new ingredients and flavours to expand the range of options available. Through his continued efforts, he hopes to empower individuals to make informed choices about their health and well-being, encouraging them to dive into the functional world and discover the remarkable benefits that it has to offer. The journey of healthy choices and mushroom-infused coffee is an ongoing one, with endless possibilities waiting to be explored.


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