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Keto Perfect Parfait Recipe

 Keto Perfect Parfait

Disclaimer: This recipe and the accompanying images were created by @anoukgdgbeer

This Perfect Parfait is one of the many keto dessert recipes you can whip up quickly to satisfy your cravings. 

It is super quick and easy to prepare and the layers look so pretty. No wonder why it is called 'perfect'.
If you don't have much time to spend making breakfast in the morning, we recommend prepping it the night before (as the pudding needs to stay at least an hour in the fridge). 



Bottom layer

Mixed red berries (fresh or frozen)

Middle layer

200 g of coconut yoghurt
50 g of sugar-free strawberry or raspberry jam
125 ml of coconut milk
40 g of white chia seeds

Top layer

3/4 of Funky Fat Coconut Chocolate 
2 tablespoons of water


Grated unsweetened coconut
Grated Funky Fat Coconut Chocolate 

Tip: If you like a sweeter parfait, add a little bit of your favourite sweetener to the coconut chia mixture.


Start by making the middle layer. Stir the jam and milk into the coconut yoghurt and add the chia seed last. Stir well! Put this in the fridge for at least an hour, but a whole night is also possible.

Fifteen minutes before you want to eat the perfect parfait, melt the KetoCacao for the third layer in a pan over low heat. Pour some water into the pan and stir until a kind of thick chocolate sauce is created.

Now you can make the parfait! Put some mixed red berries (fresh, semi-frozen or thawed as desired) in a wide glass, pour half of the chia pudding on the fruit and finish with the chocolate sauce. Top it up with extra grated coconut and Keto Funky Fat Chocolate. And serve the perfect keto dessert! 


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