Q&A - Hannah Sutter: Founder of Natural Ketosis

Q&A - Hannah Sutter: Founder of Natural Ketosis

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Hannah Sutter, founder of Natural ketosis tells us about her keto journey and how it lead her to create her brand. Check out our Instagram for the full video.  As Hannah said, “for some people, the reason for starting keto is for weight loss, but once you get into it and start to understand and pay attention it is much more than that.”

Hannah Sutter

Hannah has done ketosis in the past, she has a lot of experience in knowing how keto works for different people. Right now, she combines the keto diet and the low-carb lifestyle, sometimes she follows the keto diet in a more strict way but mainly she eats very low-carb.

She was introduced to keto in the year 2000 when she read an article from the British medical journal. What impacted her the most were the unbelievable benefits of going keto. She was fascinated with the fact that eating a large amount of fat and not that many carbohydrates helped so much and made a huge transformation in the body and also with how it helped to manage health issues such as PCOS. So she tried it and immediately noticed the benefits and the changes not just in her body but in the way she felt emotionally.

Her first big shock once going into ketosis was that the constant hunger she usually felt disappeared. Also, she didn't feel tired in the afternoon after having a meal and her concentration improved. Hannah wasn’t looking for a weight loss goal, so from a work point of view, ketosis worked perfectly for her. The problem was that, back then,  there weren’t that many keto ready-made products, and the ones that Hannah was having, weren’t working for her. Because of her work, she wanted something that was quick to eat and that “fitted in her pocket” but all she found were bars that replaced the sugar with a lot of artificial ingredients and really, what keto is all about, is eating great and natural foods. 

So after a couple of years, after not finding any bars that she liked she decided to make her own keto bars and that was when Natural Ketosis was created. A company that delivers delicious ketogenic ready meals, snacks and treats.

For all of you who are reading this and are thinking of starting to follow the Keto diet, we asked Hannah if she could give us some tips on starting keto, and she said: 

  1. If you are a beginner, you should aim to eat at least 50g of carbs a day and not go straight to eating 20g per day because it is challenging and unnecessary at first.
  2. People think of the Keto diet as a super fat regimen, so if you are thinking of trying the Keto diet just to lose weight it’s a mistake because it can stall your weight loss and therefore bring you to think that the diet is not working.
  3. Look up a lot of recipes and get inspired, there are a lot of options of foods when you follow the Keto diet and a lot of things you can cook.

We talk about how there are a lot of people that are in Ketosis who count their macros. Hanna’s approach on that was that at some point you have to start counting them, particularly your carbohydrates. Once you become confident with counting your carbs you can start figuring out the purpose of the diet. For example, if you are using ketosis for weight loss, you want to be careful with the fats, or if you want to build muscle you have to focus on the quality of protein and less on the fats. 

Hannah has two businesses, Natural Ketosis and a medical business for epilepsy, called  Keto Care Foods, that supplies the national health service in Britain. Right now she is working on new meals for Natural Ketosis. They have just now released pasta (made in Italy with only 2g of carbs per portion of pasta) and sauces to go with them. She is also trying to develop a dessert but, it’s not that easy. She and her team love to come up with different products. The way they do it is, basically they have a meal idea, they try it in their own kitchen and see if it’s any good and then, try to find somebody that will mass-produce it. 

Following the keto diet may not be the best approach for everyone, it depends on the health goals you want to achieve, everybody’s situation is different. But as Hannah said, it worked perfectly for her and the benefits showed up straight away, that’s why nowadays she is still following the keto and low-carb lifestyle.

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