The Benefits of Our Pure Keto Premium Chocolate

White and Dark Funky Fat Chocolate

What makes Funky Fat Chocolates a pure premium keto chocolate?

That's a question we like answering because we've dedicated a lot of sweat and tears to make the best possible chocolate for a keto lifestyle.

The difference between our keto chocolate bars compared to regular chocolate bars is significant.  If you look closely into other bars out there, they contain about 40 - 70% sugar and a lot of other junk ingredients. 

Instead, we make our keto premium chocolate bars with only 3 main ingredients that are good for you and that will not kick you out of ketosis or raise blood sugar (hello, keto friends!)

We also perfected the bar in a way that you can fully taste the cacao without any cooling or unpleasant aftertaste from MCT or erythritol.

But let's dig deeper into what ingredients we've included in KetoCacao and what are their benefits:

Benefits of MCTs

MCTs are great if you’re on a keto diet. It’s something we highly recommend even for keto beginners. You can use it in your coffee and smoothies. It is basically brain fuel. 

Once ingested, MCTs feels like it creates instant “brain energy”- a much-needed boost for what’s about to come your way during the day. With MCTs, you don’t get to a peak and then feel like it disappears. It’s a very sustainable power source. 

If you’d like to incorporate it into your diet, it will also help you with memory function, improves weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels.

From the start of Funky Fat Foods, we knew that we wanted to include MCTs in our chocolate bar. One of the main purposes of this keto premium chocolate we created was to make it functional. That's why we opted-in only for the best ingredients, like MCTs. 

You probably have a busy schedule and are trying to make the most out of your days. That's why we made sure to support you in the best way possible!

For the full list of the benefits of MCTs and which types we use in our keto chocolate, check out MCTs C8 & C10 - The difference and the benefits .


Benefits of cacao 

Next to that, cacao is so great for you because it has a lot of antioxidants. But when you’re creating chocolate bars, if you include fillers, milk or sugar you block these antioxidants.

We set out to create a chocolate bar that contains these antioxidants so your body can make the most out of them. They are linked to numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation, better blood flow, and lower blood sugar levels. 

That’s why we also recommend (even if you’re not a Funky Fat Foods customer) to use a bit of raw organic cacao powder in your smoothie or in your coffee because it’s such a great fuel that will give you real, sustainable energy throughout the day. 

That’s why the combination of MCT with cacao is such a winning combination. Plus, you can mix cacao with other healthy ingredients to create your own little snack for the day to boost your mood and make you instantly happy. Desserts, coffee, snacks...whatever your gut desires ;) 

For more benefits of cacao - yes, the list goes on and on - check out 5 reasons why you should eat dark chocolate everyday.



Benefits of erythritol 

Our pure keto premium chocolate is stacked with good fats and vegan, natural ingredients. We also use a natural sweetener called erythritol. Erythritol has a fancy name and if you are not familiar with it, no worries. We'll break it down for you and its benefits.  

Erythritol is a low GI natural sweetener that doesn’t have any calories and doesn't impact your blood sugar. Even people with diabetes can use erythritol in case they want to make anything taste sweeter. If that is not the ultimate win, we don't know what is! 


We put our hearts and souls into making the Funky Fat Foods products as clean and as healthy as possible. We're very passionate about health, wellness, and keto and wanted to create the ultimate pure keto chocolate that will not only satisfy your sugar cravings but will also benefit your health. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us about any questions you may have about our chocolate, its ingredients or even any Keto-related questions. We want to hear from you!

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