Low-Carb High-Fat Journey: Eduard de Wilde founder of Livehelfi

Low-Carb High-Fat Journey: Eduard de Wilde founder of Livehelfi


Eduard is a Dutch entrepreneur, bulletproof coach, biohacker and the founder of the webshop Livehelfi, offering tons of supplements and high-fat food products to The Netherlands and beyond.

He is on a mission to educate people about biohacking, good nutrition, and the mental and physical health benefits you can reap from it. If you've never heard about biohacking or the Bulletproof diet, don't worry.

For our series of #highfatstory Eduard shares a bit of his journey, the difference between Bulletproof and Keto, what a day in his life looks like, and more. 

Curious? Then grab a cup of coffee and let's start!


Hi, Eduard. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started Livehelfi?

In the first part of my career, I was a consultant and helped corporates with their digital strategy and transformation.  However, 18 years ago I was confronted with a side effect of Lariam.  Lariam is a medicine for the prevention and treatment of malaria. I got severe anxiety and panic disorder. It was at the very moment that I became a partner in the consultancy company I worked for.  I tried almost 40 different kinds of therapies varying from antidepressants to Chineng Qigong.  Some worked a bit, most of them didn't. Until I discovered the biohacking scene and Bulletproof. I learned that you can stimulate the healing capabilities of your body by hacking your biology with food, supplements, exercise, Wim Hof method, HRV training etc. It helped me to reverse my disease and to get back my energy. I decided that I wanted to help other people with my knowledge so that they don't need to invest 15 years before they get the benefits as well. 
That's why I decided to start LiveHelfi. I want to educate people about biohacking and provide foods and supplements that are of the highest quality available in the market. I am also one of the world's first certified Bulletproof coaches. 


This is an insane story! We're glad you found your way from these conditions. So many people we know that spent years taking infinite amounts and kinds of medication to improve their mental health, but their lives ended up way different. Thank you for spreading the word about your experience.

By the way, biohacking for those that don't know it, it's exactly what the name says: hacking biology. It's known as a 'movement' where people experiment with hacks and tweaks to the 'norm', as to seek mental and physical health improvements. Although it might sound like rocket science, Intermittent Fasting, for example, is a form of biohacking.

Can you tell us a bit more about the bulletproof diet?

The Bulletproof diet is based on a few principles: eat clean whole foods, choose for a high-fat, low carb approach, avoid toxic food and practice Bulletproof intermittent fasting. In the morning you drink Bulletproof coffee. That is coffee with grass-fed butter or ghee and MCT Oil. You don't eat protein or carbs till f.e. 2 pm. That means that you are in fat burning modus most of the day. The MCT Oil makes you stop craving food, reset your hunger levels and feel full. It advocates a carb refeed once a week to avoid the potential negative effects of longlasting ketosis. This is called cyclical nutritional ketosis.

And that's why we have MCT oil in our chocolate bars!

As you explain it, the bulletproof is in a way very similar to the Ketogenic diet. What would you say is the difference between Bulletproof, Paleo, and Keto?

You can consider the Bulletproof diet as a variety of the Keto diet. Most of the time you are in ketosis. It is also an upgraded version of paleo. You try to eat food that fits how your body is built, but you want to take advantage of the latest scientific insights. For example, MCT Oil didn't exist for the cavemen but nevertheless has many potential benefits.

Can't imagine a life without MCT oil at this point.

And what has changed in your life after the shift to a bulletproof diet?

I lost a lot of weight and, more importantly, I have more and constant energy throughout the day. My goal is to stay fit as long as possible and perform at my best. 

Were there any challenges that you experienced during this 'transition'?

It is a huge shift to convert from a standard diet to a Bulletproof diet. It can be very overwhelming at first glance. That's why you have to educate yourself and take the time for the transition. You have to learn what is healthy food and why. Which foods contain healthy fats, proteins, and carbs? How much do they contain each? What do the labels mean on the products?  You must be prepared to dive into it. You can see the diet as a blueprint. Everybody is different, so there is not a one size fits all approach possible. You have to find out for yourself how yo adapt it to your needs. 
I read many books and listened to hundreds of podcasts about this biohacking.  
It can also be difficult to implement if your family members don't want to join you. I was lucky because I am the chef at home so I decide what we eat :-). 
I measure a lot to see how I am doing: macro's, ketones, heart rate variability, blood markers, weight, sleep, exercise, etc. I find it very useful to make it fact-based: let the numbers speak for themselves!

Totally agree with the fact that it's different for everyone. We are the masters of our journeys and we should always be aware of that, doing what makes ourselves feel good and that brings us closer to our best version!

Now, just out of curiosity, what does a day in your life look like?

I wake up at 6-6.30. I first practice the Wim Hof Method: breathing exercises, push-ups and a cold shower (all the way). I write in my five-minute journal to practice gratitude. Then I drink a cocktail of warm water, fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a dash of cayenne pepper. Next, I sit under a near-infrared lamp to energize my mitochondria. After that, I read my morning paper and drink a cup of espresso. Next, I open my phone and see what messages arrived. Before I leave for the office I meditate.  At 10 am I drink my Bulletproof Coffee. At 1 pm I drink a green smoothie or eat a salad. I exercise 3 times per week. 2 times heavyweights and 1-time high-intensity interval training. I prefer to exercise at 5 pm. I have dinner at 6.30. At 8 pm I start to wear blue light blockers to avoid the blue light of the screens and lamps. I go to bed at 10 pm. Once or twice a week I take an ice bath.
This is an example day. It is not fixed. I change it according to my needs.

Wow, that's a very awesome looking day. A lot of self-care. We're impressed AND suddenly came to the realization we need to step up the game...

We love that you are on this mission to educate and support others in this journey to take control of their mental and physical help using your platform. What are your future plans for Livehelfi?

We want LiveHelfi to become the number one destiny for biohackers in Europe. It will offer content, courses, products and a community for people who want to upgrade their mental and physical performance. Besides LiveHelfi we have created NoordCode: a new brand of functional foods and supplements of the highest quality. Sourced in Europe. Our customers asked us many times if we could offer European products. Why should we fly it from the USA to Europe if we have here the highest food quality available in the world? So that's why we decided to look for European suppliers. Recently we launched grass-fed ghee, grass-fed collagen, coffee without toxins and mold and MCT oil made from coconuts.

AMEN! Can't wait to try them out. And talking about education, what’s the biggest message you would like to share with people interested in the bulletproof or other high-fat diets?

My message is that you should not believe the paradigms about food that are
created by the government and institutes that are
financed by the industry. They can be based on false assumptions. Do your own research and don't be afraid to experiment. Most of all, don't be afraid to be looked at strangely. If you follow the crowd you never get further than the crowd.

Couldn't have said it any better!

To wrap it up, what do you think of Keto cacao and what's your favorite flavor?

I like Keto Cacao because it is one of a kind. There is no other chocolate available that has zero carbs and still taste delicious. I prefer Hazelnuts, but I eat all three tastes. I am happy to support the enthusiastic people of the new company!

Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Eduard. We can't wait to see more and more awesome products available via LiveHelfi. 

Is it just us or are you also super inspired about biohacking after hearing this story?

If it's the first time you've heard of Livehelfi, and you're curious about biohacking and which hacks Eduard have tried, visit the website and his Instagram page.

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