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The story behind the KetoCacao bars

Just like many other ladies out there, our founder Louisa M. Bakker followed several different types of diets in search of her dream body. Vegan, Fruitarian, high carb, low fat, Atkins… you name it! She thought that eating less would make her feel good, sexy and get her that amazing body of her dreams. She did lose quite some weight with low-carb diets though, but her energy levels didn't really go up, she couldn't stop thinking about food and don't even let us begin about the eight-month food baby she was expecting most of the time - yes, feeling bloated was part of her daily life.

In June 2017, when she graduated after a four years entrepreneurial study in Spain, she was as lost as a puppy. Seriously, what now? She knew she had a passion for health (and a big mouth) but what the heck was she good at? What was she going to do for her career? She packed her bags and went on a six-month adventure in Brazil with hopes to get her stuff figured out. And of course, Y.O.L.O. (you only live once).

In Brazil, she spent a lot of time researching the cacao industry combined with health, food, and fitness. Thanks to all those days and nights spent on Google and Youtube, she came across the Ketogenic diet (HFLC) and quickly gave it a try. Today, she is now happy to say that she finally found what she was looking for. Eating Keto based is her lifestyle and it is so much more than losing weight. She feels more focused, has way more energy, lost that persistent belly fat she thought would be sticking with her forever, and finally feels satisfied after a meal. No more thoughts about food the whole day and also… bye bye to those intense sugar cravings!

But hang on… what if eating Keto meant that her relationship with chocolate was close to an end? cause let’s face it: most of the time, chocolate is loaded with sugars and carbs. Even the chocolate bars with 70-90% cacao (sweetened with sugars and syrups) are still too high in carbs for the Ketogenic diet or super low-carb lifestyle. Plus, they have a high glycemic index, affecting blood glucose levels. She was also shocked to see that the so-called ‘healthy’ bars are still filled with cheap fillers as ingredients, such as soy lecithin. 

A little disclaimer: the bars she found that is low in carbs can have an artificial and medical aftertaste when sweetened with natural sweeteners. And, of course, there are also 100% cacao chocolate bars that have great health benefits, but let's be honest here, the taste (especially the bitterness) can be too much to handle if you take more than just a bite.


And that's when the Keto Cacao journey began!

Keto cacao

She felt so motivated to combine her passion for chocolate, health, fitness, and the things she learned at business school (she finally has something to feel happy to start working on in the morning! Oops… sorry previous employers!). As a result, she searched for her perfect Willy-Wonka and eventually teamed up with an award-winning chocolatier.

After a lot of testing and stress, together they created the perfect Keto-friendly, organic chocolate bar, just with pure ingredients that are a source of energy, preserving the nutritional benefits. All together this taste f***** good.

Today, the Funky Fat Foods team is small but happily crazy. With an excellent marketing strategy? Fancy business analysers? Well, not really. We do most part ourselves and every day it’s a learning and reflection. Our mission is to shake up the chocolate market by being transparent and an honest brand with keto-friendly functional chocolate that promotes mental and physical health, all without the B.S.

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