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A new kind of Protein Bar

Funky Fat Bomb tastes like the protein bar you always wanted. No more digestive issues from fake ingredients you have never heard of.

Made with organic ingredients such as tahini paste and inulin for digestive health support, healthy fats from MCT's, pea protein as a quality digested protein source, and cacao which is high in antioxidants.

Produced at an environmentally friendly factory that runs on green power and work solely to create raw organic desserts while using minimal processing, and no artificial additives.

We created a vegan organic protein bar healthy and sugar-free with healthy ingredients that are truly good for you. AND all more delicious!

Funky fat Protein bar
Keto Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Natural ingredients
soy free
Funky fat BOMB
Why a protein bar?

For years we have heard friends and family members complain that regular protein bars, widely sold today, are packed with sugar, soy, and other unhealthy substances.

Unpleasant, right? All these artificial ingredients make a regular protein bar useless. But what do we want? A protein bar that’s nutritious, gives fuel to a workout, and supports muscle repair. We are here to set things right! Not to brag but, our Funky Fat Bomb uses only organic and wholesome ingredients without the addition of artificial elements.

ingredients protein bar explainedIngredients protein bar explained
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Protein bars

Our Funky Fat Bombs are for everyone!

Whether you are vegan, a keto lifestyle follower, or just trying to find the best sugar-free pre/post-workout snack, we invite you to try it! Want to know why? Funky Fat Bomb for:

Providing you with long-lasting energy, whether needed for a workout or just long office hours, promoting weight loss, enhancing muscle gain, reducing your sugar cravings and giving no sugar spike whatsoever (no effect on glucose/insulin level).


We don't have an exact date yet, still working on the finishing touches to make the Funky Fat Bomb perfect. If you want us to let you know, please sign up above to receive a notification.

We wanted to add more healthy snacks to our range but saw that there was no keto/low-carb protein bar on the market that really proves the “clean” promises they make so we went to work to come up with a keto protein product based on the same clean, high-quality approach that we used for our beloved Funky Fat Choc.