Q&A with Eleanor Thrupp- Using Foods and Supplements to Optimize Our Energy Levels, Sleep and Recovery

Q&A with Eleanor Thrupp- Using Foods and Supplements to Optimize Our Energy Levels, Sleep and Recovery

Eleanor is a registered nutritional therapist. She worked with InnerMost for about a year. There she works with clients to help restore their optimum health and to achieve their goals like strategic issues, weight management, hormones balances and stress management. As a nutritional therapist she is changing people's mindsets and how to approach it in daily life. 

She abscess and identifies nutritional imbalances. Each client deals with an individual basis and each confrontation is different, but eventually she studies a client's case history and asks about the different health issues. From that she abscess what base requires the most attention. 

Eleanor’s dad was diagnosed with cancer when she was younger than 15, growing up with that she came very much interested. Later on she released she wanted to help others


How does food change your energy?

Food is vital and gives us all energy, all our energies will rise slightly and that is completely normal. There are some different varieties that can affect this for example sleep, stress, levels of different activities and what we eat. It’s all about blood sugar balance. If we take a snack we feel refilled but what we eat is particularly high in sugar or covered hydrates, we feel more tired after eating. So when we eat sugary foods it kind of moves your genetics system bloodstream more quickly which creates slightly the influx of glucose. The body reacts by releasing insulin and metabolize the sugar. This effect is very immediate so you get a high energy followed by a quick energy dip. Our normal reaction is to eat more sugar to make us feel good again and that’s why the cycle is going on. But you have to focus on eating better food that is gonna give us more levels of (sustainable) energy. Fiber, whole grains, vegetables and protein keeps us feeling more fuller. Choose the right sugary sugar like fruit and you can also eat with a high protein.

How does good sleep and exercise affect your health?

Sleeping is very important and can easily affect your blood sugar. If you have a decent night of sleep you are more likely to have a more decent blood sugar level the next day. Also your blood glucose can also affect your sleep. If you choose something sugary for instance before you going to sleep this can also disrupt your sleep. If you eat the right carbs before you sleep like whole bread, pasta, and rice it will help you to get sleep, because it’s high fiber and less sugary but you can also combine it with protein. 

Exercise is good for your health. You have a rush of energy and you feel great. The more exercises we do the better it is for our bones and basically for all our chemical actions inside our body, which require a lot of oxygen. Any kind of movement is better than no movement. If you struggle with exercise you can take a walk once a day. But too much exercise is not good for your body.

When do you know you over exercised?

It’s all about listening to your body and a lot of people ignore that. If you don’t have any rest days then there is no way your body can actually repair or recover. If you work out everyday your body can't make the “happy” hormones or feel energized. 

Is there any way to activate your energy?

Age has also a massive impact on your energy. As we get older the cells in our body get less sufficient and affect our energy levels. For older clients you have to stimulate them more to do some movements. Also to focus on their diet and increase the protein massively especially for women because they don’t make any testosterone  in their bodies and it is important to keep the bones strong. 

For women you have menstruation that affects your energy and hormone levels. A lot of women don’t get their cycle and how their cycle does affect your health. During the phase of the cycle that’s when our estrogen is the highest so we feel more energized. That’s the best time to do cardio. After that the second phase is coming and we have the least estrogen in our body and our energy has dropped and we are more hungry, that’s the time when you have to listen to your body and take some rest and take a walk or do some yoga. In this case you have to add the protein, eat vegetables, fiber, whole-grains and anything that gives you more energy for a longer time. 

Men don't have a cycle but they also can adjust their diet. They also have symptoms like their mood all over the place. For them it’s also good to eat protein, whole-grains, vegetables and everything to keep them feeling better.

What is protein?

There are also proteines that aren’t meat based like oils, brown rice, nuts, and tofu. 

A lot of women are afraid to get bulky and big because of protein powders. That is not the case at all. It makes you get an adequate amount each day. 

Do you need to focus on a different food group during the winter and fall?

It’s more what we as individuals think, because it’s getting colder and therefore we are creating energy to keep us warmer. So, no you don’t need to change your diet in each season at all. But in the winter it is important to go outside and see some daylight because that is so important for our skin and mental health. 

Tips for an energy boost?

Start a day with a high proteine and high fiber  breakfast. For example, fruit, nut butter, eggs, and whole-grain bread. Including this early in the day it helps your dietetics and absorption of sugar so you don’t get the spike of blood sugar. 

Is breakfast the best meal in the morning?

There was a thing that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. No, it depends on each individual. Some people really feel they need to eat something in the morning. But the fat and the protein and the fiber is great for breakfast. To keep your energy levels stable for longer. Water is also very important. You need 2 and a half liters a day. Every liquid counts but like coffee dehydrates. 

If we feel low in our energy, we think it's because we are hungry but it’s actually because we are thirsty. Tone capsules are good for your energy, it’s much in green tea which is a natural source cafeïne and has vitamin C, B6 and B12. Vegans can eat this as well.


How can we find Eleanor?


Instagram: ect.nutrition


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