How to keep Your Fitness Routine During The Holiday Season

How to keep your fitness routine during the holiday season

The holiday season is approaching and we are very excited!! Who wouldn't be, right?

The Holiday season means different things to different people, such as going back home, visiting your family, seeing old friends, and eating delicious and abundant food. You get to reunite with the people you love whilst enjoying your holiday celebrations. For many, this usually means you temporarily put aside your routine, but more specifically, many forget about fitness. 



​​This is completely normal when you go away from home or have visitors. And even though you can do whatever you want (no guilt-tripping anyone here), we would love to give some advice on how to stay active during this time of the year.



1. Don’t stress yourself out

It is very likely that you won’t follow the same fitness routine or won’t train at your usual intensity. This is normal, after all, at this time of the year you have more distractions and are out of the house more often, so don't worry if you don’t have enough time to work out. Also, it does not go unnoticed the amount of food you eat during the holiday season, this combination can make you feel stressed out. We feel you and that's why we're here to give you some tips to make this holiday season as enjoyable as possible. 

2. Plan your workout days

Cross out the days you know you won't be able to exercise and find those in which you will be. Having workouts planned can make you feel less overwhelmed and worried about not having enough time to exercise. Having a workout plan gives you the motivation and determination you need to maintain your training routine.

3. Find fun ways to exercise during the holiday season

    • Make the workout routine more enjoyable. Sometimes working out alone can get a little bit boring and can make you feel less motivated. You can involve another person to boost your mood, and, knowing you’ll be around your family, you can ask your long-lost cousin (that you probably only see one time a year) to join in with you​.
    • Create your fitness plan. Instead of counting the days that are left until Christmas by eating chocolate from your Advent calendar, design your own Christmas fitness challenge!
    • Go Christmas shopping. You’ll burn some calories for sure! Running around all over town can count as a full marathon and you’ll definitely get your daily recommended 10.000 steps in 
    • Putting up the tree: I mean, we all know that wanting to be the one who puts the star up the top of the tree takes some “fighting my siblings ” to do. It takes a lot of cardio to fight for the spot, but you’ll make it! 

So, if you were worried about not having enough time to work out during the holiday season, we hope these tips have helped you think of ideas and "new workouts" so that you can stay active. In the end, it's about moving your body which is an incredibly effective way to feel good. It's a gift for you.



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