Q&A - Paul Marlow: Founder of Never Alone

Q&A - Paul Marlow: Founder of Never Alone

Louisa Bakker, the founder of Funky Fat Foods, interviewed Paul Marlow and asked him about his mental health brand. In this interview, he explains his therapy journey into healing himself. You can also see the interview on our Youtube channel.

Paul Marlow is a great example of effort and resilience. He has been able to cope with everything that has happened to him and take advantage of every step to, not just become a  better version of himself, but also, help others in the process. As Paul says: "There is always a way out, but things don't happen overnight. You have to put in the effort and keep yourself motivated as much as possible.

He is the owner of a mental health brand called Never Alone. Created to inspire and help people in the same situation as him. He started this brand because he had multiple things happen in his life that gave him PTSD, anxiety, and eventually, led him to depression. And it got to a point where he stopped working and started having panic attacks. Paul decided it was time to reach for help and went to therapy, he focused on trying to get better and decided to share his story on his social media platforms and that’s when he realized there were people who wanted to listen. Never Alone started because Paul wanted to make a change and help those people that were in the same situation as him.

What helped during his depression?

One thing was to start a morning routine. He read in different mental health books and articles, that starting the day with the right foot really made a difference. Paul’s main goal was to stay away from his phone the first 20 minutes after he woke up and do things that were helpful for him, such as journaling, meditating, reading, and really just being in the moment. In the beginning, it was hard, but every week he would see those 20 minutes turn into 25 minutes, 30 minutes and by the third month he had his 40 minute morning routine created and stuck to it for nearly two years.

Another thing that really helped Paul through his anxiety and depression was watching what he was eating. For example, a heavy meal that was hard to digest would make him lose energy and then trigger his mental health issues. That is why he switched to eating cleaner and healthier foods, it contributed in many positive ways. He also started micro-dosing when he was going through his episodes of PTSD and anxiety, it helped him focus and stay energized throughout the day and also, calm his anxiety.

Paul Marlow has not only started his own brand but, during the pandemic, he taught himself how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and is now advising other brands. He started reading about SEO because he needed it for the Never Alone website, he knew that without SEO his website wouldn’t be seen due to all the big brands that also focus on mental health. He learned through reading books, blogs, hearing experts talk about it, podcasts and also, with a lot of practice and consistency.

Never Alone is always adapting and changing. It’s important for Paul to create a community that helps inspire people and talk about different areas, not just mental health but, fitness, inspirational tips and many more. For Paul, it’s important to have a face on a mental health brand because usually, we don’t see that. Never Alone brings and makes this human connection that hopefully makes it easier for people to reach out and get the help they need.

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