0g sugar and stable blood glucose

Functional Chocolates that Optimize Your Health


Experience the Power of MCTs & Elevate Your Brain Power


Stabilize Glucose Levels

Ain't nobody got time for blood sugar spikes or afternoon energy dips.

Balance Your Hormones

Reduce anxiety, improve your focus and get the best sleep every night.

Feel Energized

With added MCTs feel satiated and energized to power through your workouts.

Refined sugar free • Seed oil free • Maltitol free • Gluten free

With added MCTs & all their benefits!

Snack Smart. Feel Your Best.

Absolutely! We add MCT oil to our chocolates to make them functional. MCTs are fats extracted from coconuts and are a great source of energy. They leave you full for longer, help stabilise blood sugar, and improve focus without the sugar crashes or glucose spikes.


Trusted by health specialists

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Nicole Huffman

The chocolate bars are incredible. Super clean, dark + organic. One of the reasons I loved your chocolates so much is because of the fat that is in them, because fat is so stabilizing for our blood sugar.

Sports Medicine Clinician and Founder of Perfect Keto

Dr. Anthony Gustin

The best no sugar chocolate. Super balanced, no erythritol cooling taste, awesome flavors.

Blood Sugar Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Danielle Hamilton

Fat is your blood-sugars best friend, fat stabilizes the blood sugar and is the other energy source. So it's great to have such replacements like the chocolate you have.

Behaviour Change Specialist

Dr. Heather McKee

I wish I had kept back the hazelnut one for myself as its divine. Just the perfect amount of sweetness. Loved the bars thanks for being a win of my week!

Low-carb Dietitian & Founder of The Nourishing State

Noor Struik

What I absolutely LOVE about the chocolate is that they’re using MCT oil to curb cravings and give long-lasting energy. Your taste buds won’t be compromised at all.

Intermittent Fasting Expert

Cynthia Thurlow

Everyone know that’s my one vice: chocolate, not to mention your delicious chocolate!

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