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NEW 🍁 - Fall RecipesKeto Chocolate Donuts

Keto Chocolate Donuts

Delicious Keto Chocolate Donuts to enjoy with your loved ones. The perfect snack that you could give to your child without worrying about his health. Click here to see the whole recipe!

NEW 🍁 - Fall Recipes2 - Ingredients Chocolate Protein Muffins

2 - Ingredients Chocolate Protein Muffins

Enjoy these delicious Low Carb Chocolate Ketogenic Sugar-Free Protein Muffins and be amazed at how easy it is to make them! Here is the full recipe.

NEW 🍁 - Fall RecipesKeto Healthy Snicker Pie

Keto Healthy Snicker Pie

You have to try these delicious Snicker pies. You will love them, and they are sugar-free! What do you want more? Let's get into it!

NEW 🍁 - Fall RecipesSugar-free Brookies (a.k.a. BrownieCookies)

Sugar-free Brookies (a.k.a. BrownieCookies)

Recipe how to make the Funky Fat Foods brookies, the best healthy brookies you will ever prepare in your life… See the recipe here!

NEW 🍁 - Fall RecipesSpiced Funky Fat chocolate dipped Polvorones

Spiced Funky Fat chocolate dipped Polvorones

These delicious Funky Fat Chocolate dipped Polvorones are fun and easy to make. They're Keto, sugar-free and above all: very delicious!

NEW 🍁 - Fall RecipesKeto Chocolate Truffels

Keto Chocolate Truffels

This recipe is so tasty because of our delicious Funky Fat Chocs: sugar-free, organic certified, plant-based, contains MCTs for long-lasting energy and all ingredients are clean.