Top health presents for Christmas from a Certified Health Coach

Top health presents for Christmas from a Certified Health Coach
Tessa van der Steen is an alternative medicine practitioner from Amsterdam. She founded her company, Your Health Coach, in 2007 and has been working with over 5000 people as we speak. Tessa Is calling herself a health coach because this is a more easy approach, than an alternative practitioner and so her clientele reaches from all age rangers. From kids that start to eat their first solid foods, to the elderly that still want to achieve a healthy lifestyle at age 80.
Besides being a passionate coach, Tessa is also a motivational speaker and presents on a regular basis for the corporate world. She is a big fan of Keto because this lifestyle has helped her clients that could lose weight, to break through a plateau.
Tessa van der Steen
In this blog you can read Tessa's favorite health products for Christmas. To give your loved ones a healthy present under the Christmas tree, or to boost your own immune system this winter. Tessa picked these especially for you.
1. Funky Fat Chocs
Tessa: This chocolate is the best snack in the world! A completely guilt free pleasure, also for those who aren't fully keto. This chocolate stops cravings and stabilizes blood sugar for hours. I advise this as a mid morning snack, a great source of energy before/after a workout, or as a conscious afternoon snack. Tessa offers the Funky Fat Chocs with 10% discount in December:
Funky Fat Foods
2. Magnesium glycinate
Did you know that over 80% of people are deficient in this important mineral? Magnesium is used in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body. Magnesium is great to combat stress, to sleep better and reduces muscle pain after a training session. Tessa offers Magnesium glycinate with a 10% discount in December:
Magnesium glycinate
3. Winter booster

To boost your immune system this winter, Tessa advises to take 75 mcg vitamin D3, 25 mg zinc and 120 mg magnesium. This trio strengthens your immune system and brings peace & relaxation at the same time. With just 1 capsule per day! Get Tessa's winter booster with 20% discount in December:

Magnesiuum Vitamine D

4. Vitamin C
Besides being an important antioxidant for your immune health, vitamin C also helps to build your skin collagen. When you feel a cold coming up, take 3x 2000 mg (3 x 2 capsules). This will stop the cold or reduce your symptoms immensely. Order Tessa's favorite vitamin C here:
Vitamin C
5. Quercetin
This phyto nutrient (phyto = plant) is known to have zinc ionophore properties transports zinc into the cells. Together with the winterbooster and vitamin C, this is all you need to stay strong and healthy this winter!
Tessa likes this Quercetin the best:
6. Chlorella and Spirulina
Start the new year healthy with these super algae! You can use this combo as a detox, to increase energy and to strengthen your immune system. Tessa has been using both for over 14 years now and noticed regular bowel movements, stronger hair + nails and glowing skin as extra side effects!
Order your detox package here:
 Chlorella en Spirulina
Tessa wishes you an amazing Christmas, hope you can spend it with your loved ones. 
And she wishes you a healthy and happy 2022!
P.S. For those of you who are interested in Deuterium Depleted water, keep an eye at Tessa's website  as she will launch this amazing water in January!

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