How to Heal Your Gut & Eat Smarter and Improve Your Brain Health with food

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Did you know that the food we eat can impact our health beyond our weight? It can determine our lives and can either heal us or destroy us.

Food has a tremendous impact on the body, as we’ve said. And when we say body we mean the whole body, including our brain and brain function, our gut, our bones, our arteries, all of it.

So, we must make sure that we’re eating all of the right ingredients and nutrients in order to have a healthy body. But how should we do that? Keep on reading.

Eat healthier, eat smarter

Whenever we’re going to eat, we have to be clear about one thing: every single cell in our body is made by the food we eat. Every cell. So we have the ability to make our own bodies out of low-quality materials or out of the best possible. If you keep that in mind, you’ll wanna eat healthier and get all the good and necessary nutrients in.

Low-quality food, fast food, ultra-processed food, and not being aware of what you put inside your body are the things that will make you have poor health and will make you feel depressed and unhappy. What is considered good quality food? Healthy fats, low glycemic index Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole foods, and good sources of protein. Basically, any food that has been the least processed possible.

You have to be aware of everything you put in your mouth. Instead of taking supplements try to get the nutrients you’re supplementing directly from the food you’re eating. Combine this with drinking enough water instead of sugary energy drinks. Your body needs water, not tons of sugar, colorants, artificial flavors, and other stuff.

To say that calories control everything about you or your metabolism is wrong. So when we say to focus on your nutrition we’re not saying, by all means, to count calories and starve yourself in order to lose weight. No, that’s not the point. What we mean by focusing on your nutrition is to really focus on your nutrition by reading the ingredient labels on every food. The fewer ingredients, the better. Stop eating processed foods. Those processed foods end up causing brain inflammation that leads to more belly fat accumulation and more disruption to your metabolism, which leads to obesity which leads to more brain inflammation. So this becomes a vicious circle. This inflammation also happens in your gut, which leads to a large number of diseases and health problems.

This inflammation that we’re speaking of is created by the foods that we’re eating. Hence the importance to focus on healthy nutrition, quitting ultra-processed and processed foods, and start focusing on high-quality foods are one of the most important factors to feel and look healthy.

Move your body every day

There are other factors such as good nutrition that make us be healthy, stay healthy, and have good brain function. One of these factors is any type of movement. Body movement is one of the primary drivers of healing, assimilation of nutrients, of elimination of metabolic waste products, among others. All these different things require movement. Life is movement.


So, no matter how your physique is at the moment, you have to move your body daily. If you’re already doing it, you know how good it feels. But if you’re not, you should start by walking 30 to 40 minutes every day, and then try going to the gym 3 times per week. Or try cycling or walking on the treadmill. And little by little, add more days and start weighting lifts, or doing more intense workouts. In less than a month, you’ll notice the difference. Most of the many benefits of moving daily is that you’ll notice even results before the 1-month mark.

Especially if you suffer from any autoimmune disease or any injury, or permanent injury, you must move your body daily, with no excuses. This will improve the quality of your life in ways you can’t imagine.

Rest well

Another key factor that few people think of, is sleep or rest. You need to be well rested to be healthy and stay healthy. We have already talked about the 7 types of rest that we can (and must) have, so today we won’t go that deep on this subject. However, we want to tell you that a night of good sleep can change everything. Sleeping 8 hours each night will allow your body to rest, recover, regenerate, and heal. 




We have to remember that a great night of sleep starts the moment we wake up in the morning. By doing all of these things that we’ve mentioned earlier like exercising, having good healthy nutrition, being outside, and having access to sunlight, all these simple things will let you sleep better in the evening. And once you start resting properly, you’ll notice how you feel better really fast. Your body will be nourished and will be producing regenerative hormones and enzymes and that will lead you to a healthy life.


And last but not least is our mind. To change our entire lifestyle we only need to make the decision, to change our minds and our perspective about the way we’re living. These changes happen in your mind before they happen in your body and just by making the decision to have a healthier life, you’re committing to yourself and so the change begins. Our mind is a very powerful thing, our thoughts determine what’s happening in our metabolism. 

Another important thing is to learn to manage our stress levels and emotional eating. There's a huge relation between these two factors that we’ve just mentioned. When we are stressed we tend to crave more sugary processed foods. So by learning how to manage our stress and lower it down, your health will improve. Just because stress is invisible and you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect it.


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