Q&A Sophie Bertrand - Nutritionist & Owner of Her Nutrition Consultancy

Q&A Sophie Bertrand - Nutritionist & Owner of Her Nutrition Consultancy

Sophie is an incredible advocate for holistic well-being and she has dedicated herself to exploring the world of personalized diets, uncovering the secrets of optimal nutrition, and helping her community find their own path to wellness while sharing delicious recipes. She’s a strong supporter, like ourselves, of replacing rather than restricting. 

During this blog, Sophie opens up about her own journey, discussing the health issues she suffered from, the approaches she tried, and the impact they have had on her body and mind. With her wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences, she offers invaluable insights into tailoring your diet to suit your individual requirements. 

Sophie is a big fan of our chocolate, especially the white one. The most important thing for her is that the flavor is good and is creamy enough and that with no sugar and nothing in it that is crap. She also likes the fact that it is plant-based. 

Sophie is a huge fan of our chocolate, particularly the white variety. What matters most to her is that the flavor is absolutely delicious and delightfully creamy. She appreciates that our chocolate contains no sugar or undesirable ingredients. Additionally, she loves the fact that it is made from plant-based ingredients. 

Sophie is a registered nutritionist. She has a background in psychology. Is a Co-host and Co-author. She has her own nutrition consultancy, and does a lot of brand work, and product development. She spent a lot of time cooking and creating new recipes, especially for her family and her son. 

She is the author of the Forking Wellness podcast. She is currently working on a female health app that will launch soon. She focuses on many things that will help people live a healthy lifestyle. 

What is the Female App About? 

Sophie is working on an app. The app is about how we support every woman by every single stage of life. In terms of tracking your cycle, facility, that kind of thing. Men get it pretty stable but for women, it is very difficult. That is what the app is for.

The Nutrition

The nutrition itself is very personalized. There are so many things that you need to take into account when you personalize this for someone. What their own personal goals are and what their life looks like. Health concerns if they have food concerns. If you follow her page you know that she is plant-based. She loves to show how easy it could be to have more plant-based food in your life. There is so much research coming out about the benefit of having a variety of plant-based food in your life and Sophie is very passionate about people including those foods in their diet. But there are more things. It also needs to fit in your budget and time. She tries to make it her mission to take away those things and say that it is not that difficult and it doesn’t have to be too expensive either. 

How Sophie Started this Lifestyle. 

Sophie had a really unhealthy relationship with food when she grew up. So unhealthy that it let to a bad eating disorder. She had no interest in food when she grew up. It didn’t fight me, didn’t give her joy or pleasure. Just kind of take it or leave it. 

When she recovered her disorder she started to discover more foods and experienced that. She went to the west coast of America and that opened her eyes for new flavors and new foods. She loved it. That is where she decided to eat way more vegetables. She got her papers when she got back from that trip. She is very passionate about helping other people out about their food. Because it affects everything. From mood to energy. 

Is there one Specific thing that you Start with your Clients? 

So many clients that I've seen come to me with the point that they want to lose weight. The first thing I do is ask why. Why is that such a big goal for you? Why would you want that? Mostly the answer is, I want to look better, I want to look healthier or feel better about myself. Then from there, you can move on. Let’s say you want to prioritize your health. Then that is more the goal than to lose weight. A diet is not going to help you with that. I’ve never seen anyone becoming happy by following a diet. Focussing on that is more important and the diet comes with that. 

Sophie would say it is more important that you feel good in your body and you are happy with yourself than that you are counting all your calories and that you don’t like what you see. She says to stop counting and focus on how you get your energy up and feel good about yourself. If someone is seriously overweight and it is impacting your health. Let’s focus on your health and start eating a healthy diet. The weight is very likely to come off on its own. Without that being your focus and obsession every day. 

Clean Eating

The term clean eating has been going on for a while now. When you are obsessed with cutting out foods it becomes such an obsession so she tries not to use labels. If someone wants to be vegan it is completely up to them but I believe we don’t have to put a label on our diet. The moment that you say to yourself you’re not allowed to eat that anymore you crave it more and more. Redistricting anything isn’t going to help.

Real foods are definitely good to add to your diet. It is just that everything that you do and eat needs to be balanced. Being consistent is good for your body. Keep everything up and make sure that you will grow every single day. Keep consistent, that is what Sophie would say. 

Social Media

Social media can be such a tool. But it can also be such a boomer. And it does come down to the responsibility of the user whether they want to follow or not. The information that they want to assume. It is really important who you get your information from. Watch out for what is good for yourself. What makes you happy? What someone else eats on Instagram can be fake or it doesn’t have to work for everybody’s body. It is difficult but I think when you use it correctly it can be very helpful.

Sophie’s Clients

A woman came to her who had lost her period. She was looking for a more balanced and consistent lifestyle to see if her period could come back. For her, that is one of the biggest success stories that she can tell. Because for a woman we look in every direction and everyone is telling us what is good for us, what we should do, and how we should look in a certain way. Diet coaching is still everywhere. When you restrict something for yourself or when you go on some kind of journey that isn’t that healthy for your body. Your body will shut down your reproductive system. That is the first thing that it will do. Because it thinks we are not being treated in the right way. Why you could lose your period. Taking care of your body is the very best thing that you can do.

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