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Sugar-free Ferrero Rocher Donuts

Keto donuts

Disclaimer: This recipe and the accompanying images were created by @beingveronika 

A quick and easy way to make delicious Ferrero Rocher Donuts. Healthy, Keto, Sugar-free and delicious! What do you want more?


- 80g oatmeal bonbon flavor 
- 35g almond flour 
- 1 tsp (5g) yeast
- 40g erythritol (if the oat flour is not sweetened, add 10g more erythritol)
- 2 L eggs
- 100g sheep's yogurt 


1. Whisk the eggs, erythritol and yogurt.
2. Add the flours and yeast to the previous mixture and whisk until incorporated.
3. Fill the molds and put in the micro 3-4' or until done. Do not overcook. In the oven at 180°C, they are done in 10-12'.
4. Let cool, trim the edges and dip in a mixture of melted chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.


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