Keto Ferreros

Keto Ferreros
Disclaimer: All the images and recipes were created by @lacroquetaketo
Enjoy these delicious Keto Ferreros and you will be addicted to them! They are amazing and easy to make. Also known as the real Ferrero Rocher but then sugar-free!

To make them we used 2 different types of our Funky Fat Chocs. You can try to make them with different kind of flavors! In this recipe, we used the Funky Fat Hazelnut Chocs and Funky Fat Dark Chocs.


For the Topping:



  1. Melt the Funky Fat Chocs and mix with the hazelnut cream.
  2. Put in bonbon molds, up to about halfway, put a hazelnut and fill completely. Let it cool.
  3. Melt the Funky Fat Chocs and mix with the almond granules.
  4. Dip the bonbons in the Funky Fat Chocs and let cool and...
  5. Enjoy!

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