The Ultimate Guide on How to Get your Lover to Join Keto.

How to get your lover to join Keto


Since our girl @laisolvrx started Keto, she struggled to get her boyfriend to support the journey. She's been on an off because of that but she (finally) got her boyfriend to join for dinner on a daily basis. And this has helped to stay on track.

We asked her to share her top tips on how to get your lover to join Keto (or at least a meal a day):

I live with my partner and we eat dinner together every day after work. It’s hard for me to be on a different diet than him. Not because it bothers me that he eats crap right beside me, but because we don't want to cook two separate meals. We barely like to cook one. I got him to eat Keto dinners with me every day and now he doesn’t even miss the evening carb load. Although he tried Keto for a while (after seeing how good I felt), he really doesn’t feel like following it strictly. But his eating habits are far better than before, that’s for sure. It makes me so proud when I see him telling others that ‘fat is good for you!’

If you are going through difficulties in getting your partner to follow in your keto journey, or at least for one or two meals a day, these are my tips (Spoiler alert: no nagging required!)

1. Explain well what Keto is all about

Keto might scare people at first. You probably have already heard things like ‘all this fat? This can’t be healthy!’. Your partner must really understand what Keto is about, its benefits and why it is important for you. If he understands the Keto lifestyle, and your motivations, it's more likely that he will support you. This makes things much easier. Trust me on that one!

2. Plan weekly meals and involve him on the decisions

I don’t plan meals based on my preference only, otherwise, it would be hard to get him to join. Ask what your partner feels like eating and get into an agreement for the meal plan. If on the weekend you both feel like pizza? Keto pizza it is! The great thing about Keto is that you can make Keto versions of almost everything.

3. Prepare the meals yourself (at least the first weeks) and make sure it looks damn good!

If Keto is an unknown world for your partner, it is best you take over and prepare everything until he gets used to it. At first, I had to cook all the meals because my partner “didn’t know” or was not sure what to do. Now, he can cook everything by himself. Also, make sure the foods look edible. Men are visual, so the food has to look like something he wants to eat! I think that goes if your partner is a woman, too. It’s more convincing if it look appealing to them!

4. Pack the house with Keto-friendly foods and snacks

If both you and your partner want to be strict on Keto, then make sure you are filled with just LCHF (low, carb high fat) food and snacks in your house for motivation and to avoid temptations! 

5. Help your partner out!

If your partner eats terrible food when he’s at work or on the go, or if he wishes to go full Keto, offer to pack a Keto lunch and some snacks for him to bring! There are plenty of yummy to-go meals you can make and this will make it much easier for your lover to follow.

6. Don’t put pressure and don’t make it boring!

If sometimes your partner feels like having carbs, let it be! Plan the meals that can accommodate a side of carbs like pasta, rice or bread. Also, always try to plan different meals, there are endless possibilities with Keto. For example, if we want to have cheeseburgers, I make mine without the bun. What is good to remember is that if you only make the same dish every week, it will get harder for both of you to stick to it. But remember to have fun, especially on the weekends. This can mean having a drink or two if you both feel like it. Did you know there are plenty of Keto-friendly cocktails you can make or order at your favorite bar?


Let us know in the comments if you can relate or if you are experiencing any difficulties with following Keto and motivating your lover to do it too. We’re curious to hear! 

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