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8 Best Sugar-Free Summer Recipes Using Funky Fat Chocs

8 Best Sugar-Free Summer Recipes Using Funky Fat Chocs

Summer is unquestionably the best season for refreshing desserts. Finishing lunch or dinner and openning the fridge to find the perfect healthy dessert, whether it's a mousse or an ice cream, chocolate can be enjoyed all-year-round.

From ice cream to no-bake desserts, homemade popsicles to tartlets, pudding, and smoothies, that it's difficult to find enough days to eat them all!

Here are the best summer dessert ideas, whether you're looking for summer desserts for parties, something to put in a cup and eat by the pool, or a big layered summer dessert just because! It's all good healthy fun!

1. Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

This recipe was created by @delicamara as well as the accompanying image.
These creamy mini ice creams have Funky Fat Choc White on the inside and a layer of crunchy Funky Fat Choc Hazelnut on the outside - delicious! 😍🍫  This recipe is totally sugar-free and vegan!


 2. Keto Chocolate pudding

Recipe by @anoukgdgbuur
Tastes like a Nutella Pudding! But healthy and better. Made with our Keto Funky Fat Choc Hazelnut. De-lish! This recipe makes 2 servings.

3. Low Carb White Chocolate Custard Tartlets

This recipe was created by @delicamara 

An amazing combination of flavours, you're going to want to try!! These custard tartlets are sugar-free and high in protein!  We used the Funky Fat Choc White.

4. Turmeric Latte Mini Magnums

This recipe was created by @eatinglifeavocados as well as the accompanying images.
Stay tuned because this is one recipe you'll want to save! Who can say no to a Chai latte? This delicious magnum is easy to make and great for this hot summer weather. This recipe is also vegan. You will use Funky Fat Choc White.
Mini magnums of curcuma latte

5. Keto Chocolate Mousse

This recipe was created by Simona from @trustnocarb as well as the accompanying images.
This silky Chocolate Mousse is made with only 3 ingredients: you won’t believe how easy it is!

To make this divine and creamy mousse, you will need just heavy cream, sweetener and of course one of our Funky Fat Chocs!

Not sure which sweetener you want to use? Here are our favourite sweeteners for the keto/low-carb lifestyle. Make sure you have some space in the fridge and get ready to prepare this easy recipe.

6. Keto Turmeric smoothie: Anti-inflammatory & energy booster

For those not enjoying holidays just yet, it can get harder to wake up in the morning and getting that energy to commute to the office and not to that beach chair.

Hot summer mornings like this ask for a good and tasty breakfast to start your day right and put you in command of your day. 

This Keto smoothie is all you need to feel recharged and add more energy and focus to your work days. And for the busy ones, it is also super quick to make and, of course, you can take it on the go!

Here fats are in charge of energy and Turmeric is a great addition for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Amazing, right?

And what a better way to enjoy it on the go than taking a Funky Fat Choc bar with you to accompany it?

7. Keto Chocolate Collagen Smoothie Recipe

This is the best keto chocolate smoothie recipe we've ever tried. And our founder's favourite as well Yes, this was made by our very own, Louisa Mesquita Bakker.

Perfect for those mornings when you don't have a lot of time to prep your breakfast but need some fat for fuel. This keto chocolate smoothie recipe will leave you satiated and ready to start your day every day. 

This smoothie is gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free and junk-free :). It can also be turned vegan with a few adjustments. For example, you can replace the cream for coconut yoghurt or almond milk, and the collagen powder for MCT powder or other vegan protein powder that you love. And the vegan chocolate that is used Funky Fat Choc Coconut.

 8. Vegan Low-Carb Chocolate-Mousse

This recipe was created by @simply_keto as well as the accompanying images.

Chocolate mousse is a delicious and super luxurious dessert or breakfast! It is of course completely low carb and keto-friendly, and even vegan. 

The delicious and fluffy mousse is prepared in no time and is an absolute ketogenic success. made with the Funky Fat Choc White & Funky Fat Choc Dark.

For more recipe ideas, feel free to browse our Funky Fat Recipe blog!

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