Vegan Berry Bark with Protein Peanuts

Vegan Berry Bark with Protein Peanuts

Disclaimer: This recipe and its accompanying images were created by @realhandful

Vegan Berry Bark

For this weeks’s Cooking for Peanuts recipe, we’ve teamed up with Real HandfulThis week we will be using Real Handful Sea Salted Peanuts for protein and our Funky Fat Chocs to create our easy and vegan Berry Bark.



  1. Melt the chocs with the coconut oil in au bain marie
  2. In the meantime place a parchment paper inside a bowl or wherever you want to pour in the chocolate mix.
  3. Once stirred well, pour the mix in a bowl over the parchment paper
  4. Place your mixed red fruit and the salted peanuts on top of the melted chocolate. Get creative with it!
  5. Place the chocolate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes
  6. Enjoy !

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