Top 7 Sugar-free Easter Treats

Top 7 Sugar-free Easter Treats

Easter is finally here and we want to share our favorite recipes for this season, this time the healthy, sugar-free Easter treat versions with these 7 easy Easter chocolate recipes. You can thank us later. All of the recipes can be batch made so you can keep enjoying them throughout the whole week, whether it’s by yourself, with your family or friends.

One thing that all of the following recipes have in common, besides being healthy and absolutely delicious, is that all of them can be shaped into an Easter egg. Also, if you use our Funky Fat Chocs you can try and make them in your favourite flavour, ours is Coconut at the moment. 

1- Sugar-free Chocolate Easter Egg

This sugar-free chocolate Easter egg is super easy and fun to make. The idea is to recreate the classical Easter egg but make it healthy and sugar-free. This recipe is way easier than you think! As we’ve already mentioned, you can use whichever flavour from our Funky Fat Chocolates you prefer. You can even mix 2 together.

To make this Easter egg you’ll only need 2 bars of Funky Fat Chocs, one egg mold, and some cooking items. Once it’s done, You can either glue the two halves of the egg together but not decorate the inside, or decorate the inside. It’s up to you and your imagination! It’s a really fun recipe to cook with the kids and make them participate in the Easter festivities.

2-Keto Kinder Bueno

This second recipe is a dream come true, cause, who hasn’t dreamed about a healthy kinder bueno? Well, we have the perfect recipe for you: a keto kinder bueno , sugar-free and filled with hazelnut cream. Instead of using bar molds, you can use an egg mold and make a giant kinder bueno shaped like an egg. Also, if you want, you can change the dark chocolate bar for a Funky Fat Choc Hazelnut, to make it more tasteful and unique with a touch of crunchiness.

This is actually a pretty easy recipe that you can make in advance and use as a dessert or as a snack whenever you want. Also, you can store it in a cool place and have it ready to enjoy for the week.

3- Keto Chocolate Truffles


This is probably one of our favourite recipes ever. It's so tasty because of our delicious Funky Fat Chocs: sugar-free, organic certified, with MCTs for long-lasting energy and all ingredients are clean. You can again change the flavour and make it coconut, hazelnut, or whichever you prefer. Remember you don’t have to make them into truffle shapes. If you want to make this recipe perfect for Easter you can make these delicious keto chocolate truffles into an egg or even bunny shape.

This recipe is also great to make in advance. You can always have it ready in tupperwares to use it as a dessert or as a on-the-go snack.


4- Keto Coconut Macaroons Dipped in Chocolate

These Keto Coconut Macaroons are perfect for when you crave a little chocolate but not that much. They make the perfect afternoon snack, perfect to try with a cup of tea or coffee, and of course, for this Easter week. They are satiating but at the same time very light. They are low-carb and you only need 4 ingredients to make them!

If you want an even more coconut flavour, use the Coconut Funky Fat Chocolate bar instead of the dark chocolate one. You’ll love it! 

5- Funky Fat Chocolate Sheets (a.k.a. bark)

These chocolate sheets are super easy to make and perfect for any chocolate lover out there. They’re entirely personalizable and you can exchange and combine Funky Fat Chocs flavours. Play with the toppings, get creative as well and adjust them to your taste or the season and make them different every time you cook this delicious high-fat Easter snack. As we’ve said plenty of times in this article, you can go one step ahead and make them in a bunny or egg shape to make them more appropriate for Easter.

One of the best parts is that is extremely easy to make and it’ll take no time. Even if you are the busiest person on the planet, you’ll have time to make this unique snack. It also can be used as a dessert or to be eaten on the go. It can be stored either in the fridge or the freezer and enjoyed whenever you feel like it, no guilt involved at any time.

6- Keto Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons

Macaroons are a North-American all-time classic dessert made with shredded coconut and chocolate. Not to be confused with the also world-famous French macarons, those elegant meringue sandwich cookies. This next recipe, the keto chocolate-dipped macaroons are super easy to make, they’re moist on the inside and crumbly on the outside. 

They are great to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee and with great company, of course. You can, again, use the chocolate flavour you desire. However, we recommend you to use our Funky Fat Choc Coconut for this one since you’ll also be using coconut flour, so combined altogether, it’ll give them a yummy coconut flavour. They’re great for people who like chocolate taken to the next level with added texture to every bite. You can batch-make them and use them as a snack during the week, and use them as an afternoon pick-me-up, or at your coffee break. 

7- Keto Coconut Bountie

Any coconut lovers out there? If you’ve reached this point, you probably are. In that case, this chocolate bar stuffed with coconut will be your all-time favourite snack. You can, once again, shape them into an egg or Easter bunny, to make them perfect for this season. They’re super easy to make, and you can store them in the fridge or freezer and have them ready to eat whenever you feel like having a treat.

They are so yummy and healthy that you won’t need any excuse to eat them! If you want to spice it up a little, you can also add another layer of our sugar-free white chocolate on top, to make them even creamier and yummier.

Remember, you can get as creative as you want with these easy sugar-free recipes

As we’ve mentioned, quite a few times, they can be shaped in Easter bunny or egg forms instead of the ones that come in the recipe. Also, you can use the flavour you want from our chocolates and alter them as much as you want. Personalize it for your guests, family or friends, they’re a lovely present for Easter that won’t mess up their health or taste buds.

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