NEW - Updated Funky Fat Dark Choc Flavours

NEW - Updated Funky Fat Dark Choc Flavours

We have great news for all the chocolate lovers out there: we’ve updated our Funky Fat Dark Choc flavours and want to tell you all about it. In case you didn’t know yet, our chocolate bars contain functional and clean ingredients that do not spike your blood sugar or give you any sugar cravings. Instead, they help you feel satisfied for hours, provide long-lasting energy and help you stabilise your blood sugar levels.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about our story, so you get to know us better, our ingredients, and what’s new in our chocolates

Our story

Behind any great chocolate bar, there’s always a great story. Ours started in 2017, when Louisa, the founder of Funky Fat Foods, was diagnosed with PCOS. After the diagnosis, she started investigating how to keep it under control and she found that following a low-carb lifestyle was the answer for her. However, there weren’t any low-carb snack options that weren’t full of artificial ingredients or just plain celery sticks or something. Louisa was concerned that she couldn’t have any healthy and tasty snacks without having to compromise her health and messing up her hormones.

And that’s how funky fat chocolates were born in 2018, from the urge to enjoy again freely a delicious piece of chocolate without feeling guilty or harming her own health. Ever since the beginning, our goal has been to make people enjoy quality chocolate without worrying about it. That’s why we value your feedback so much and we truly listen to you, chocolate lovers. Because we understand and know the importance of the quality of foods that we put into our bodies. Not only to feed and fuel them, but adding functional foods to optimise our health even further.

Why Funky Fat Chocolates are functional 

Our chocolate bars are healthy and functional at the same time. This is because of the ingredients used. Our ingredients are 100% natural and organic with no fillers added or artificial flavours. Plus they work with your body, not against it. When we talk about functional foods we’re referring to the ingredients that offer great health benefits that go beyond their nutritional value.

One of the main ingredients in our bars is MCT oil, which is one of the main reasons why they’re considered a functional snack. MCTs are medium-length chains of fatty acids that go straight to the liver and are absorbed faster, improving mental clarity, performance, and memory. The liver digests them more easily and then converts them into ketones which are a more steady energy source than glucose and help your body feel fuller for a longer period of time. The types of MCTs used for the Funky Fat Chocolate bars are C8 and C10, which are packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties as well.

But besides the MCTs, there are other ingredients that make our bars smart snacks, such as the Peruvian cacao we use which comes from a sustainable plantation in Peru. It is a pure, rich, and organic cacao that is packed with antioxidants that prevent cell damage and support blood flow, blood pressure, and inflammation. It is also packed with healthy fats, soluble fiber, and essential minerals. The cacao butter used in the Funky Fat Chocolate bars is high in fatty acids to keep your body satisfied. Including it in your diet it’s a great choice, since it can decrease inflammation and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and/or stroke, lowers levels of LDL, and increases HDL. It also contains vitamin E that supports your brain, skin, blood, and good vision.

Since we’re aware of how damaging sugar can be, we don’t use it in our chocolates or anything that can cause blood sugar spikes. We use organic erythritol instead, which is a natural sweetener. It has a 0 GI (Glycaemic Index), it’s easily digested, helps hydrate your colon, protects the intestinal tissue, and purifies the colon from pathological organisms. It also has antioxidant properties.

And another great ingredient that you’ll find in the Funky Fat Chocs is acacia fiber. It is combined with the MCT oil as the binding agent and as an added functional ingredient. Acacia Fiber is a soluble fiber that helps slow digestion, has zero net carbs, helps manage blood glucose levels after meals, and promotes gut health.

What’s new in our chocolates

So we’ve already told you most of our ingredients and why they’re so great for your body. However, we’ve made some changes in our recipe to improve the bars so you can have an even better experience when eating them. Don’t worry, you can still use them in all of your favourite recipes.

New functional ingredient

First of all, we’ve added a new ingredient. Now, all of our chocolates also have Organic Natural Cocoa Powder plus the ingredients before. The difference between cocoa powder and cocoa mass (or liquor) is temperature, which makes their benefits very similar. Cocoa powder is more bitter in taste and higher in nutritional content compared to cocoa mass, which is processed at a much higher temperature. The nutrition in cocoa powder is proven to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and aid in preventing blood clots. It may also help increase insulin sensitivity, reducing your risk of diabetes.

New dark chocolate percentage: 75%

Another change is that all dark chocolates are now 75% cocoa. This is great because you’ll be able to feel that stronger dark chocolate taste in your mouth when eating the bars and even when smelling them. 

New textures

We’ve also played around with our textured chocolates and improved them even a bit more. Now, the coconut, coffee, and hazelnut pieces are mostly mixed in with the rest of the chocs. Of course, we’ve kept some of the kick ingredients on the outside to keep the fun consistency without losing too much product. That basically means that the Funky Fat Chocs with coconuts, coffee powder, and hazelnuts, will have a stronger flavour and crunchier texture to the bite so you can enjoy them even more than before.

A creamy (and healthy) chocolate bar is everything you want as a smart and functional snack. Something that is soft and smooth to bite into but still has the great flavour of dark cocoa. Now, since we’ve twisted the recipe a little bit, and the chocolates are creamier than before, it makes them even more perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

New, slightly adjusted nutritional values

Given our aim was to improve according to the feedback given by our customers, the nutritional values slightly changed. As you know, all our bars were under 2.5g net carbs, which now changes to be less than 3.5g net carbs but, who’s counting, right?

If you want to learn more about each of the individual nutritional values feel free to check each flavour or head over to our nutritional values page.

The bottom line is…

If enjoying your chocolate bar as it is isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, we have tons of recipes for you to use these chocs in and enjoy all the benefits our Funky Fat Chocolate bars have to offer.

Besides improving our sugar-free chocolates, we’ve also improved our website and we have a brand new design (go check it out, it’s veeeery friendly 😉user-friendly).


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