Snack smarter
& feel better in
5 delicious flavors

100% organic

Not the average chocolate bar.

Struggling with sugar cravings? Low on energy? Missing chocolate that fits your macros?

We feel you. That's why we make organic high-fat chocolate bars that are not just delicious but also make it easier to achieve your health goals.

Feel super-powered

Stay on fat-burning mode. Only 2.5g net carbs and MCTs to help you increase your focus and boost ketones. No hidden carbs to mess up with your ketosis.

Crush sugar cravings

Cravings can get wild. And that makes it hard to stick to your diet. Our Chocs are fat-fueled to help you stay in control and reach your keto goals.

Enjoy your lifestyle

Eat what you love while staying on track. Feel full, energized and nourished. Anywhere, anytime.

It's here!

White Choc with Bourbon Vanilla

Our white Choc just got a well-deserved makeover. New taste, new packaging and 0g net carbs.


Bringing healthy fats back to your diet.
One snack at a time.

We're on a mission

chocolate just got funky

Snack smart. Feel your best.

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The best out there.

If you’re looking for a guilt free chocolate bar, then this is the best you’ll ever try! Doesn’t have a bitter taste but instead it has a beautiful, milky texture!

I’ll always shop with Funky Fat Foods!

Shannon W.

Saved me.

I’ve been following keto for 1.5 years, but lately I was going through the rabbit role consuming too much regular dark chocolate. The Variety Pack saved me. I like the taste, it gives me my ‘chocolate fix’ and I no longer crave regular chocolate.

Petra B.

Such a treat.

Following a keto diet and intermittent fasting can be challenging. Funky fat chocolate bars make it so much easier. They’re great to keep as an emergency snack and to take hiking/camping.

Yasmin S.
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Trusted by health specialists

The best no sugar chocolate. Super balanced, no erythritol cooling taste, awesome flavors.

Dr. Anthony Gustin (Founder of Perfect Keto)

These bars fit perfectly in my lifestyle . They don't disturb my ketosis and I love the taste. The extra MCT get's me even deeper into ketosis.

Romana Switzer, orthomolecular and lifestyle coach

I let my clients try them because you have to FEEL what they do for you. They stop cravings, they increase my focus. I am addicted!

Tessa van der Steen - Health coach

This chocolate with this energy source makes it the perfect snack before a long run. It contains MCT which is directly converted into quick energy.

Lotte Damen - Keto dietitian

Easily the best keto sugar free chocolate I've ever tasted. Super clean ingredients and contains MCT's helping boost ketone levels. Will definitely be recommending it to my clients who want a gult free go to keto snack.

Keto Coach Dave

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