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RecipesFunky Fat Keto Snack Board

Funky Fat Keto Snack Board

Nowadays, all the party snacks are high in carbs. At every birthday you eat along with everyone else, despite wanting to stick to your healthy diet. Well, not anymore! You can start the change by ...

RecipesDelicious Keto Chocolate Truffels

Delicious Keto Chocolate Truffels

This is probably one of our easiest recipes. It's so tasty and because of our delicious Funky Fat Chocs: sugar-free, organic certified, plant-based, contains MCTs for long lasting energy and all in...

RecipesFunky Fat Keto Cakepops

Funky Fat Keto Cakepops

A super easy and delicious recipe, are you up for it? Perfect for a sweet treat, a different dessert or to make with the little ones at home. Ingredients Bizcocho 1 egg (52g approx) 30g almond ...

HealthHigh-fat Foods that Help Improve Sex Drive

High-fat Foods that Help Improve Sex Drive

Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want a healthy sex drive? After all, an active sex life is linked to pleasure, pain relief, better sleep, better mood, and much more. It’s totally normal to feel fluctu...

HealthSweeteners & diabetes: Why not all of them are good for you

Sweeteners & diabetes: Why not all of them are good for you

Artificial sweeteners are thought to be beneficial for diabetics, obese, and everyone in general where refined sugar can be a problem. These low-calorie alternatives to sugar are seemingly safe to ...

HealthHealthy Fats: Your Hormone’s Best Friend

Healthy Fats: Your Hormone’s Best Friend

The misconception that fat is bad for you and that fat will make you fat is well-established in our society. Both of these are common misconceptions because the truth is that your body needs fat to...