Our Favourite Sweeteners for a Low-Carb Keto Lifestyle

 sweeteners for a low-carb/keto lifestyle

For the ones following a low carb/keto lifestyle, sugar is definitely a no go. But that does not mean you need to give up the sweetness. There are tasty sugar alternatives that you can start looking up for baking those yummy chocolate-chip cookies, but also in other food products available for sale.

Our top three sweeteners

Erythritol: We love this one so much that we added in our chocolate bars and all the recipes we do at home. It’s an almost zero calorie and super tasty natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables. And the best is that it has a glycemic index of zero and it does not raise glucose levels.

Monk Fruit: Similar taste and benefits as erythritol and 100% natural. Unfortunately, it is not yet certified for production in Europe so it’s not widely available. But it is possible to find it online!

Stevia: We like Stevia but the aftertaste is what sets us back from putting it as number one. The reason it’s still in our favorites list is that it’s keto-friendly, safe to use and easy to find. And you can trick the aftertaste in some recipes. But be sure to choose for the ones that are organic and crap-free (no additives, etc).

But don't forget...

Not all sweeteners are the same. A lot out there are best to avoid in a low carb/keto lifestyle such as aspartame, maltitol, sucralose, and Splenda. Those can affect blood sugar levels, causing more cravings and even disrupting ketosis. Not only, aspartame, for example, is being called the most dangerous substance on the market. We’re for sure better off away from these!

Want some inspiration for your next recipes with one of these top sweeteners? Try this Peanut Butter Fat Bomb. You won't regret it! 

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Tina Potisk
Tina Potisk

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