Top 5 Keto-friendly brands in Europe

Top 5 Keto- Friendly brands in Europe

Keto is growing strong in Europe but it still takes quite some effort to find local brands that we can trust. That’s why we made a selection of our own must-try favourite keto brands and products - just to save you some time shopping for goodies. From avocado mayonnaise to cookies, these guys are trying to make the keto life easier and even tastier.

Enough with the introductions, let’s go straight to the point. Say hello to our keto crushes of 2019:

Hunter and Gather

Founded by British couple Amy and Jeff, this UK based company makes amazing, delicious and super innovative high-fat products. I mean, they won all those awards for a reason.

They make Collagen powder, MCT Oil, and for the avocado fanatics: avocado oil and three flavours of Avocado oil mayonnaise that is to die for. Your recipes will never be the same again.

And the best part is that all their products are made with real ingredients without sugar and crap - just like it should always be!


Friendly at Company

Friendly Fat Company

Friendly Fat Company is a brand new Swedish brand who makes the most adorable looking and damn tasty MCT powder with acacia fibre. They also have a small pack that you can bring anywhere. Isn’t it super cute? Best is that we don’t have to annoy the barista anymore asking for butter at the coffee house.

Needless to say, their MCT is great with coffee, smoothies or just about anything that you want to add MCT to. (we even added in chocolate!)

Lucky you, I have just the right recipe for a smoothie that would go superb with it. They also have their own go-to smoothie recipe on the back of their packaging. Either way, we recommend it!


Ghee easy

Ghee easy

Fellow dutch brand Ghee Easy makes a nice selection of ghee (plain, coconut, goat and rosemary) from grass-fed and organically raised cows.

For those who are new to ghee, it is a great type of fat for cooking or frying - but in my case it is also a great type of fat to make bulletproof coffee. May I go even further and suggest the coconut ghee with coffee? I promise it’s a very good idea!


simply keto

Simply Keto

Simply Keto is a German based company who not only produces a bunch of delish and practical keto products like porridge, muesli, MCT oil, pancake mix, bagel mix, and the list goes on… but they also have their own Keto Cafe in Berlin which we had the pleasure to visit and indulge in all of those amazing cakes and cookies and all.

Oh, good times! Make sure to visit either their cafe or their webshop. And have fun trying not to buy everything.


And last but not least…

Funky Fat Foods

And you thought I was gonna let ourselves out of it? Of course not! We’re the one and only company that makes chocolate bars with real ingredients and MCTs that are super low in carbs and high in healthy fats. Have you tried one of our goodies already? No? Go grab ‘em tiger!

Also, let me quickly remind you that our goal is to add more keto snacks to our portfolio in the near future. Can’t wait!


If you have a favourite brand who makes great keto and/or high-fat products that you want to add to this list, let us know in the comments below!


Article written by Laís Oliveira

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