Keto Made Easier Than Ever.

Learn how to start

keto without breaking a sweat.

No weighing food, counting carbs or complicated

stuff. Just proven, mindful tips to help you transition

to the Keto Diet. Backed up by a dietitian.

Going keto is a simple guide to help you avoid common mistakes, and absolutely rock your ketogenic diet.

Starting keto can be an overwhelming process. However, it doesn’t have to be. Set up yourself for success with these 10 actionable, must-know tips. We’ll not only show you how to start your own Keto Diet, but also how to maintain it and enjoy it long-term.


Backed up by dietitian Noor Struik

Noor Struik is an avid foodie, registered dietitian and low-carb specialist from the Netherlands! Within her online practice, The Nourishing State, she supports and empowers her clients on their health journey, without them feeling restricted or overwhelmed. She addresses both the physiology and psychology around nutrition and well-being, supporting clients to experience a long-term healthy relationship with food.

What you'll get

  • 10 effective tips to help you kickstart and maintain an enjoyable keto journey

  • Helpful advice on how to implement each tips

  • A shopping list with all the delicious foods you can (and should!) eat on keto

  • Answers to common questions around keto (saturated fat, protein, and more)

You'll learn how to

  • Maintain and enjoy your diet to never get into that yo-yo drama again

  • Find the wagon that suits you and adjust the keto diet to your own needs

  • Avoid common beginner mistakes that can become a struggle

  • Dine-in or out with friends without undoing your hard work

  • Manage stressors, which can sabotage your health goals

  • Lose weight and banish cravings while eating delicious foods

  • Keep yourself motivated and track your progress

You'll quickly see that this is not the average keto starter guide. We purposely skipped emphasis on counting carbs, or other complicated stuff.

We believe in a more mindful approach to help you ease into this way of eating. Without feeling restricted or overwhelmed.