Functional chocolate
with added MCTs
for long-lasting energy

0g sugar • 2.5g net carbs • 5 delicious flavors

Honest ingredients

Just 4-5 ingredients in each bar.

All sugar-free, plant-based and free from artificial ingredients. Less than 2.5g net carbs. No blood sugar spikes.

Organic certified

All of our ingredients are organic certified, non-GMO, and full of benefits for your body. We are especially proud of our cacao beans which originate from a sustainable plantation in Peru.

Added MCTs

The added MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) make our chocolates functional by helping you to increase your focus, boost ketones, and provide your body with a stable energy source.

Don't restrict. Replace.
Snack smart. Feel your best.

Funky Fat Chocs taste like delicious chocolate should, but with the benefits of healthy fats and MCTs for long-lasting energy.

All organic ingredients and no added sugars or artificial stuff, we made a healthy snack you can enjoy without struggling with hunger, sugar cravings, or fatigue.

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Everything chocolate wishes to be with added MCTs

Don't blame the fat for what the sugar did.

founder - louisa mesquita bakker
How it all stared

My name is Louisa and I started the company Funky Fat Foods. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a curious person and quite a character.

In 2017, I got diagnosed with PCOS which was an absolute bummer. I started sharing my story and, interestingly enough, there were many women going through similar situations as myself. And all I could think of was… can’t I have just one snack that’s tasty and that won’t compromise my health and mess up my hormones?

The answer was staring me in the face. As a chocolate lover, I knew that chocolate was the first thing I wanted to be able to enjoy again freely.

Trusted by health specialists

Everyone know that’s my one vice: chocolate, not to mention your delicious chocolate!

Cynthia Thurlow
Intermittent Fasting Expert & TEDx Speaker

The best no sugar chocolate. Super balanced, no erythritol cooling taste, awesome flavors.

Dr. Anthony Gustin
Sports Medicine Clinician & Founder of Perfect Keto

I absolutely LOVE the chocolate is that they’re using MCT oil to curb cravings and give long-lasting energy. Your taste buds won’t be compromised at all.

Noor Struik
Low-carb Dietitian & Founder of the Nourishing State

The chocolate bars are incredible. Super clean, dark + organic. One of the reasons I loved your chocolates so much is because of the fat that is in them, because fat is so stabilizing for our blood sugar.

Dr. Nicole Huffman
Naturopathic doctor

Fat is your blood-sugars best friend, fat stabilizes the blood sugar and is the other energy source. So it's great to have such replacements like the chocolate you have.

Danielle Hamilton
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Blood Sugar Specialist