Top 5 Keto Spots in Amsterdam

Top 5 Keto Spots in Amsterdam


We're of course thrilled to see a growing Keto interest here in the Netherlands. Besides cooking delicious Keto dishes ourselves we also just want to go out for a yummy lunch or dinner, isn't it? Or if you're just visiting, going out for lunch and dinner is a must. So that's why we thought why not share our top 5 favorite Keto-friendly spots in this exciting city of Amsterdam.

Keto is all about eating healthy fats, protein, and low carb. Luckily there are some great places here in Amsterdam that will not let you down. 

1. Morgan & Mees

top 5 keto friendly spots in amsterdam

For a romantic date or catching up with friends while keeping yourself in ketosis, this is your place. For lunch, we recommend their Caesar salad without the croutons or the Entrecote. For dinner, why not start with the oysters? These meals are delicious and you will feel satiated for a long time to enjoy the city with no hanger moments. 

2. SLA

sla amsterdam

When you don't have time to make your own salad, then SLA (which is a Dutch word for lettuce) is your friend. They have many locations here in Amsterdam so don't ya worry about travelling too much. Well, it's a small city and cycling is fun anyway.

At SLA we recommend making your own salad. We like ours with lots of keto-friendly veggies like spinach, cucumber, broccoli, then (of course) avocado, a vegan protein (tofu or tempeh) and finalising with some olive oil and pumpkin seeds. The Celery Cleanse juice is also a great addition to this healthful and nutritious meal.

3. Panache

top 5 keto friendly spots in amsterdam

This is another great spot for a keto-friendly dinner with friends or a date. We recommend their Short rib or BBQ Shellfish for main with the spinach salad as a side dish. For vegans, we recommend the Cabbage with celeriac and black truffle. These plates will delightfully surprise you. And don't be sad you can't have any dessert because their cheese platter is packed with the right goodies. 

4. Oliver Green

Coconut Chia Pudding

This place is a TOP find for a vegan keto-friendly breakfast or lunch in the East part of the city. They have a delicious Coconut Chia pudding with almond butter and blueberries (I'd ask without the cashews) and a Green Pesto Bowl with zucchini noodles, tofu, bimi and radish. If you're up for a quick smoothie, go for the Longevity Smoothie with spinach, blueberries, MCT oil, vegan collagen and coconut milk. Absolutely delicious and packed with healthy fats from MCTs for long-lasting energy.

5. The Avocado Show

the avocado show

Of course, The Avocado Show has to be on our Keto Spots list. If you are in downtown or south of Amsterdam, this is a perfect place for lunch. You have to modify your dish here and there to make it Keto but definitely worth going (for instagram-worthy pictures, it is a must!). We recommend the Bun burger (skipping the nachos) or its vegan version, the Fun burger - with beetroot burger. If you're up for a salad, you can go for the Julio Caesar but ask without the Caesar dressing and croutons. Just add a dash of olive oil as dressing afterwards. 


Hope you'll enjoy all these delicious Keto dishes and the great Amsterdam! If you have any other spots that we should include in this list, share with us in the comments below! 

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