What Happens to Your Body & Mind When You Stop Eating Sugar?

What happens to your body & mind when you stop eating sugar?

If you have clicked on this blog post is because you are curious to know what benefits your body can experience when you stop eating sugar. We know that it can be a very difficult decision to make, but if you read on we will help you digest this through (pun intended) and explain the advantages of giving up sugar and what your body will experience.

Omitting sugar from your diet can have a really good impact on your health in the long run. But first, it’s important to know the difference between refined sugars and natural sugars.

  • Refined sugars: They usually come from sugar cane or sugar beets which are processed to extract the sugar, it is usually found in the form of sucrose (glucose and fructose). Refined sugars are high in calories and have no nutritional value and can be found in processed foods such as, cookies, cakes but also tomato sauce.
  • Natural sugars: Are found in unprocessed foods, such as fruits and dairy products like milk and cheese. They provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and help prevent diseases. However, you can get these nutrients from other foods as well plus, your body doesn’t NEED sugar, therefore, the less you consume the better. It’s all about moderation.
Refine sugar
Natural sugar

Cutting out sugar doesn’t have to be difficult if you do it right. By this we mean, give yourself time, have a transition period if needed. Once you know what’s waiting for you on the other side, it will be much easier, trust us

So, why should I cut it out?

After this “getting used to” period during which people have different withdrawal symptoms such as feeling tired and experiencing headaches, gradually things begin to improve. Your body starts to experience all sorts of benefits as it’s adjusting to the low levels of glucose, dopamine and serotonin.

    • You will begin to feel more energized: although sugary foods are known to provide a feeling of “euphoria”, high sugar levels usually end in “sugar crashes”, which replace the feeling with laziness. Apart from avoiding foods that contain sugar, exercising regularly can also help you feel energetic and improve your mood.
      • Your quality of sleep will improve: glucose is the body's main source of energy. This high dose of energy before going to bed is something your organism doesn’t need and could prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.
      • Reduces inflammation: once you reduce sugar intake, you begin to experience decreased levels of inflammation in the body and a reduction in nerve and muscle.

      So, if you are thinking about starting a sugar free lifestyle, bear in mind that there can be an adjusting period in which you may not feel 100% good, but the aftermath makes it all worth it. Seeing and feeling the benefits it brings to your brain and body will make you feel glad you did it.


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