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7 Easy Low-carb Fall Recipes

Funky Fat Autumn recipes

Pumpkin spice season is here! After the past spring and summer months of eating in terraces, having picnics at parks, and cooking fresh recipes, fall is finally here, and so are its easy low-carb fall recipes.

Now that it is a little bit colder outside, it’s time to bring in the cozy recipes, the Pumpkin spice hot chocolate,  and turn on the oven and start baking yummy but healthy meals. 

Today we’ll share with you a few of our all-time favorite low-carb fall recipes to help you get in the mood for sweater weather and get into the coziness of this season. Of course that if you love them as much as we do, you can keep making them all year round.


Eating seasonally

Before we start with all the recipes, we wanted to remind you that autumn not only brings amazing colors in nature but also to your table. It brings a variety of root vegetables and crisp fruits, perfect for creating comforting meals to enjoy as the weather begins to cool. Moreover, all of these ingredients come loaded with health perks, so you’ll want to use them in your meals and get creative with them.

If you choose seasonal options you’ll get all these benefits not only for yourself but for the environment. Seasonal products are often at peak freshness and nutritional value. And if these products are from a local farm, that also reduces your carbon footprint. But, no matter where you’re buying your produce, try to buy seasonal ingredients for your meals, that would also make your body feel its best since it will get all the nutrients it needs to be prepared for the seasonal changes. Another good perk of foods being in season is that they will help you save money since their prices tend to be lower than other fruits and vegetables. This way you can take full advantage and buy them at that moment, batch-cook, and then freeze for later.

Low-carb Fall Recipes

Now that you know about the greatness, importance, and value of seasonal foods, let’s start with the recipes. These recipes are for our sweet tooth people, you can twitch them and make them your own. If you want to make them even more perfect for fall AKA pumpkin spice season, you can add the pumpkin spice mix to taste to the ones that don’t have it already.

1. Pumpkin spice mix

This is a pretty basic fall spice mix to have. You can either buy it at the supermarket or online or make it yourself if you don’t find it anywhere where you live. If you like to take protein in your morning coffee or as a workout supplement, you can also buy protein powder with pumpkin spice flavor. However, making this fall staple is quite easy you’ll only need 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg, and 1 teaspoon of ground allspice or cloves, and then mix it all together and store it in a jar, and that’s it. Quick, simple, easy, and ready to use. You can also adapt the quantities to your liking and make much more.

2. Keto Pumpkin Spice Volcano Cookies

These keto pumpkin spice volcano cookies are the easiest flourless cookies you’ll ever make. They’re super yummy, easy, and quick to bake. They are perfect as a dessert, snack, or little afternoon pick-me-up for those long days at work. 

If you plan on making them several times you can always give them your little twist by playing with the topping. You can try different varieties of chocolate to add on top and it’ll taste like a different recipe every time.

You can also batch-cook them and have them ready to eat for the week ahead.

Keto Pumpkin Spice Volcano Cookies

3. Keto Mocha Latte

If you love both chocolate and coffee, this is the perfect recipe for you since it involves both of them, which in our opinion is one of the best combos ever. This Keto Mocha Latte is everything you need in life, seriously. It’s the perfect after-lunch coffee and great for these fall gloomy days to give you the warmth that you need. If you want to make it (even) cozier you can add a pinch of the pumpkin spice mix and you’ll have fall in your cup.

Keto Mocha Latte

4. Keto Sponge Marble Cake

Did you just say cake? This super spongy keto marble cake topped with our Funky Fat Choc is perfect to bring as a dessert when you have a gathering with your family or friends. But make sure to make enough because everyone will want seconds! It’s best to be eaten freshly made or warm it up a bit, but it can last up to 5 days, even though that has never happened before.

Keto Sponge Marble Cake

5. Keto Sugar-free Millionaire Caramel Shortbread

We need to talk about this keto sugar-free millionaire caramel shortbread. It is perfection made recipe, seriously. It tastes like heaven, and it’s easy to make. If we were to say something bad about it, it would be that you have to wait at least 4 hours to eat it while the chocolate is getting hard. However, you can store this one in the fridge for up to 3 months. So you can prepare a lot in advance and have it ready as a snack for weeks in advance. Talk about meal prepping!

Keto Sugar-free Millionaire Caramel Shortbread

6. Keto Golden Hour Mug Cake

Who doesn't love a mug cake? They’re easy and quick to make, never disappoint, and its the perfect sizing for one. That’s why this keto golden hour mug cake will bring you a cup of sweetness, energy, and satisfaction to your cozy fall afternoons and it will only take you 3 minutes! As always, to make it even more perfect for fall, you can add a pinch of the pumpkin spice mix.

keto golden hour mug cake

7. Keto Double Chocolate Brownie 

If you mix the words double chocolate and brownie in one sentence our mouths begin drooling by the time you finish your sentence. Promise. That’s why this low-carb double chocolate brownie is so perfect, it has everything we love! Again, the only downside is that you have to let it cool down for 5-10 minutes before eating it. But it’s a great option to bring with you as an on-the-go snack or as a dessert or late-night sweet healthy snack.

low-carb double chocolate brownie

If you’re looking for more healthy, yummy, guilt-free, and keto-friendly recipes don’t forget to check them out on our recipe blog page. We’re sure you’ll find more than one that steals your heart!


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