Q&A Eduard de Wilde: Biohacking and Ways to Start

Q&A Eduard de Wilde: Biohacking and Ways to Start

Eduard de Wilde is a father, husband, athlete, consultant, biohacker, entrepreneur, and amateur chef who has been interested in health for years. He got his bulletproof certification back in 2016 and founded livehelfi and Noordcode. Livehelfi is a webshop for nootropics, supplements, food, and accessories that help to improve your mental and physical performance. Noordcode is a store of carefully sourced, cleanly formulated functional food + supplies for a better life 

Since then Eduard has been trying to find different ways to support the healing powers of his own body. Let’s look into his morning routine: He wakes up at 6 and follows a series of bio hacks. From a vibrating that wakes up his lymphatic system and body to Wim Hof's breathing exercises, to ice baths, he’s always on the search to exercise his brain health. 

In this podcast, Eduard gives us a glimpse at everything he has learned since getting his certification and how different bio hacks help him heal his mind and body in ways that no one expects.

I tried to keep everything very short. My biohacking journey started in 1999. I went to Cameroon with friends. I had to take Lariam, which is an anti-malaria resource. I got a very bad side effect. A panic and anxiety disorder, couldn't be cured by regular medical therapy. I tried 40 different ones, they helped a little bit but they didn’t solve the issue. At a certain moment, the doctor said Eduard you have to get used to it. It can’t be healthy. You can imagine that if you are that age you don’t want to live in this situation for the rest of your life. That was the reason why I started my health journey. I tried to find different ways to support the healing powers of my own body.

Why did my body need to get healthy?

At first, I discovered Mark Sisson. The primal blueprint is very inspirational. He taught me about eating low carbs, eating whole foods, and different ways to exercise. The basic stuff. It gave my body the energy that it needed to get healthy. If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle then it becomes very hard for your body to repair things. By eating whole food, low carbs, I was able to give the right side of my brain the right thinking.

You have three sides of your brain. Rept up the brain, the labrador brain, and the human brain. The body gives priority to the primal brain because that is how you stay alive. But then it gives the energy to the labrador brain and that is the primary function of the human and animal brains. Like when you eat food that you want to have sex just the basic stuff. I am convinced that you need to give your body the right food, the right stuff so that it gets all the energy that it needs to do all the functions in your body. I changed a lot in my food patron and that changed a lot of how I felt. I lost weight, had more energy, and had more pleasure in my life and because of those benefits, I became really interested.
I wanted to learn more. So I started to follow mark Sission and then I discovered more people mostly from America that made me inspired. This started in 2008. 

So you can say that I had a long journey. After 5 to 10 years I considered myself healthy.

I learned way more than just eating the right things for my body. I learned about biohacking. I created my own biohacking tool kid. That means that besides my diet I also improved my exercise. I learned about therapy, the Wim hof method, and cold therapy, and also I tried different gadgets to get biofeedback. That is what biohacking is. You experiment with yourself. You measure things and then you see what works for you. Because what works for you doesn’t work for everyone. That is something you need to find out. After 7 years I thought okay, I think I am healthy of my anxiety or panic disorder. In a way, I was addicted to this biohacking because it felt so well. So I kept hacking myself but the goal was different. The goal was to stay as healthy as possible for the rest of my life. To get the best out of the day.


I was doing a digital study, I advised corporations on how to develop a digital strategy and I always had the wish to do it myself as well. I was an e-commerce specialist but I never had an e-commerce myself. In 2012 the company introduced bulletproof coffee. I always consumed it. So I bought bulletproof coffee in the United States. It is very expensive to transport them to the Netherlands so I thought there has to be a way to sell them from the Netherlands to other people in Europe. That is why I started living healthy so that my wish came true I could establish my own e-commerce company. I had two jobs at the same time. In 2018 I decided to quit my job and have a healthy company. That is when I started my own company called Noord code.

"I wanted to make it a Cueted concept so that people know that there are real people behind the company who take it seriously and know what they are doing. That this isn’t a selling trick but that it is real. That is why you can see my picture on the website. Part of the reason why I wanted to become a coach is to let people know that I know how to do the right things and also to inspire people.

The business became so mature that it takes most of my time. I keep fighting to save time for a few clients. I give presentations on the bio regents summits and the bio racket workshops. I created some workshops myself. That is more about my mission than my business model for me. The main business is to live healthy and, Noord code. "


My morning routine is that I wake up at 6 am. That is my time by then I can do everything for myself, and by 9 am I can do the stuff that is needed for the world. What I do is I take a glass of lukewarm water with some vinegar in it. I have a bad vibration in it. You can put it in different motes. In the morning I use the activation. So the bed vibrates so that it wakes your body up. In combination with Wim Hof's breathing. Then I do some stretching, and after that, I go into my own ice bath. I did some Wim Hof workshops. It felt so good to be in there that it was a pity to not be in the ice bath. Then I discovered some Facebook accounts with the theme of cold plunge. There are people who build their own plunge for under 1000 euros.  I do the ice bath 3 times a week. I checked in with myself and checked how deep my sleep was. After that, I decide whether to go in or not. Sleep is the most important. That is why I always go to bed at 10 PM and wake up by 6 AM. So my body knows what to expect. That is the most important period to repair your body and brain. 

Then I start with red light therapy. I just sit behind it. It is good for your skin. One hour after waking up I drink coffee. Because I want to give my body the time to wake up. First, you want your body to do its work. After that, you can drink caffeine. Bulletproof coffee is MCT oil with butter. You can upgrade it with mushrooms or chocolate with a lot of things. My recipe is to upgrade it with Chaga or chocolate. You put that in the blender for 45 seconds and then you have a beautiful cup of coffee with MCT oil in it. It is converted into ketones so you get into ketosis quite fast I like to be in ketosis because it is discovered that it improves my cognition in a faster way. 

I never drink coffee before going to bed. The latest coffee I drink is 1 PM. 

How to start…

  • The basics are eating whole food. So no processed food. Preparing the food itself. 
  • Avoid all the sugar, and avoid the sugar dips that come with it. Once you start it doesn’t cost you that much time. In the beginning, after that, you could do keto but that is an advanced protocol that isn’t for everybody especially women, women should be careful being in ketosis all the time.
  • Exercise is important. Twice a week at a high-intensity interval to get your heart beat high. 
  • Cold showering and also the Wim Hof breath method you can just search it online for free. You can build everything up to a higher level. 
  • Optimize your sleep
  • Make sure that you don’t eat too late. Two or three meals a day is enough. Make sure you don’t eat too many times. When you are hungry you should change your food or eat more because you shouldn't be hungry between meals. I can advise everybody to have dinner as early as possible. I eat at 6 PM. So I already digested my food before going to bed. 

    About the body fat burning 

    Your body has two different systems to get that fuel from. The glucose and you have the fat. Most people in modern society don't know how to get into the fat-burning mode because they eat glucose and carbs. Your body prefers sugar because it can convert quite easily into energy which is why you're hungry all the time. When you are fat burning, focus on not being hungry because you can live from the fat. It is not easy because you have to learn to get in that fat-burning focus. For some people, it takes weeks there. The transition is tough for a lot of people. But once you are truly your body knows what to do. Then it is just experimenting with what your body likes then. 


    Linkedin: Eduartdewilde

    Instagram: Noord code


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