Keto Journey: Julia Kempi

Julia Kempi

“Sometimes, when I am really high in ketosis, I actually feel like I am on a spiritual high…feeling pumped and ready to make the most out of every day.”

In this short interview, Julia shared with us how she found Keto, how one holiday changed her life, and the benefits and struggles she’s faced so far.


Hey Julia, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Julia, and I am a 23-year-old keto-enthusiast who recently jumped on the keto-bandwagon after having supported the paleo lifestyle for quite a while. Having graduated from Amsterdam University College with a joint degree in political science, psychoanalysis and philosophy, I decided it was time to pursue even more passions, bringing my career-oriented indecisiveness to an all-time high.

Because I have always been super passionate about food (its creation, taste and presentation), I started working at one of Amsterdam's finest concept stores after obtaining my degree. At Cottoncake, I worked my way up to the position of "Kitchen Creative", making my eye for detail, love for people and interest in health (and its relation to food) reach an all-time high. In becoming part of a network of food-lovers, health-enthusiasts and (female) entrepreneurs, I made a leap of faith by reaching out to (what I discovered to be!) the only Keto company in Amsterdam: Keto Cacao.

Whilst bonding with the ever-lovely brain behind the company, Louisa, I decided it was time to devote a big pack of my love, enthusiasm and devotion to FunkyFatFoods, joining a wonderful team of female entrepreneurs who can't wait to rock the Keto world one day at a time.

And we’re glad you found us! :-)

Which type of Keto are you following and how long have you been following this woe?

I currently follow a strictly Keto diet, which means my diet primarily revolves around fats and protein. I have been doing this for a couple of months now. As the beginning of my journey was met with some beginner's flaws, however (I mean, who knew sorbitol would raise your blood sugar and too much protein did the trick!), I have been eating (and tracking) a large number of fats for a little over two months now. 

Beginner fails… been there, done that. What motivated you to jump on the Keto train?

When I was 18 years old, I went for a global trot and ended up getting really sick in both Thailand and Indonesia -- getting what they thought was Dengue fever and Salmonella poisoning on two separate occasions. Both times I was prescribed heavy antibiotics -- the toxicity of which I believe made me sicker than the fever and poisoning themselves. Ever since, my gut health has taken a turn for the worse. For years, I tried and experimented (or better yet: supplemented) with everything, until I decided enough was enough. Rather than taking enzymes with every meal to ensure that my horrible bloat-like symptoms would stay to a minimum, I decided to listen to my body and eat only the things I was able to digest without things like enzymes. Interestingly enough, I was able to digest fats and animal protein on my own, whilst (certain) vegetables, legumes and grains turned out to be a no-go. How could my body not digest the things that were deemed 'healthiest' according to accredited health organisations? 

Having thoroughly studied this question, I started learning about the paleo and Keto diet. Though I did paleo for a couple of years, I still found myself suffering from a wide variety of gut issues. Bearing this in mind, I wanted to start Keto to discover whether my symptoms would cease to exist (and the possibility of auto-immune disease could be avoided). I am super happy to report my belly no longer looks like that of a pregnant woman! Woop woop! 

Julia Kempi

Haha, I know at least 20 people who’ve been high-carb pregnant for years. Some diets aren’t just for everyone. Glad you found the light at the end of this crazy tunnel you’ve been. Incredible story.

And what has changed for you since you’ve been on this journey?

Well, for one, my belly no longer looks like that of a pregnant woman -- meaning my bloating has almost completely vanished. I am feeling way clearer. No more brain fog or cravings, but instead super energised. Sometimes, when I am really high in ketosis, I actually feel like I am on a spiritual high -- feeling pumped and ready to make the most out of every day.

Besides the good stuff, what’s your least favourite thing about it?

The idea that a simple slip-up can take me out of ketosis. Whether accidental, or full-on cheat-meal style, it's scary to commit to something that is 1) difficult to maintain in a social environment, 2) veeeeery easy to get out of, and 3) a bitch to get into. 

I feel ya, girl. Besides maintaining ketosis, have you been through any challenges along the road? How did you deal with them?

Especially in the beginning, I often found myself wondering whether the Keto diet was something to pursue. I was afraid that it would set me up for failure and disappointment because the whole Keto flu makes it more difficult to get back into diet-mode after a slip-up or cheat-meal. In turn, I never really identified with being a "dieter". As soon as you identify with a specific something (like the Keto Diet or Veganism), you "fail" as soon as you do something that does not correspond with it. That being said, I wouldn't let the possibility of perceived failure stop me from doing what I felt was doing my body justice. So, I decided to do the best that I can do in allowing myself to slip up sometimes, and in embracing that 'so-called' failure is part of life. In turn, I decided that failure was just another social construct. I could only fail my body by eating the things that did/do me harm, not by eating what does not align with the Keto diet. In other words, I am not following the guidelines of the Keto diet, because I am figuring out how to Keto-me. 

Glad that you could find what works for you. To be able to maintain it, it only works if we’re happy with it. Otherwise, you become a prisoner.

But tell us, as a food enthusiast, what do you usually eat in a day? We’re curious!

Aside from more than my fair share of coffee and coconut-oiled up everything, I tend to eat fatty fish and protein-filled meats with green vegetables, and an occasional KetoCacao snack. That being said, you should know that all nut butters, aged (sheep) cheeses and yoghurts don't last very long in this household :) All hail! 

Now, to wrap it up, what do you think of the new KetoCacao and what’s your favourite flavour?

I LOVE THEM. Especially the hazelnut and coffee flavours. Would it be pathetic to say they are my ride or die?


Not gonna judge. We always say…it’s not because we make them but damn, these babies are delicious!

Now, thank you Julia for the awesome story.


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