6 Ways to Help You Get Back On Track After COVID-19

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After more than one year and a half of living through the lockdown, the restrictions are now lifted, and we started again with shopping, going to the hair salon (finally!), and attending gym classes.

Let’s take a look back at these months.

Lock down, shops, cinema, restaurants were closed. Most of us were working from home.

In theory, this situation could have been a good occasion to use this time at home to cook healthy homemade meals, focus on our mental health, listen to our body, and improve our sleep routine.

And while maybe some of you did do all that, most of us spent the day at home, without any idea when all this would be over. We made no plans for ourselves, or our health.

Most of us started to snack more, move less, and order food at home. We got lazier and bored, slowly losing all our good habits.


Understand that you are not alone in this. During the lockdown, most of us grew unhealthy habits. Here are some points to get back on track after COVID-19.


be kind


The first thing is to be kind to yourself, have one Funky Fat Choc or two. The pandemic was hard on everybody, for several reasons: job issues, family dynamics, canceled plans, trips, weddings, quality of sleep, anxiety. Don’t feel guilty you indulged too much on brownies. You did the best you could in the situation you were in. Now is the time to use the energy to focus on improving your habits.


think positive


This period was negative, and from now on, things can only improve. Think about all the social life and places you can visit again. Make sure you are the best version of yourself to enjoy every moment that awaits you.


write down a list of habits that you want to work on


Focus on what was your life before the lockdown, and whether you felt better and healthier. Remember what made you feel good about yourself: morning walks, intermittent fasting, cooking your meals,…If necessary, write down a list of habits that you wish to work on. These are now your goals.


When you find your goals, the first thing to do is work to achieve them, remember our functional bars are here to help you out. For example, if you wish to eat more healthy meals, make sure you make all the steps to make it there. Get a recipe book, attend a course, follow a blog. Then, start cooking these meals as many days as possible.

If your goal is working out 5 days a week, start small with 2-3 days. When you are ready, increase the days and duration of the session as you wish, as long as you feel good about it.

It’s crucial to find a way to have fun while pursuing these goals.


listen to your body


Listening to our body means truly asking what we need the most, in that particular moment.

Do I need to finish the portion on my plate?

Do I need that bowl of chips? Is it necessary to have the third coffee today?

Will my body benefit more from a walk in the park or from an afternoon spent on the couch?

Listening to your body means also understanding when you need a break. There are some moments in life in which you have to say: “not today”, whether it is a healthy meal, or a workout.


Connect with other people

Use the power of the community: what we miss the most during the lockdown were the gatherings, the social life, and our friends. Connecting with people with similar interests and habits, it’s a way to enforce your habits.

Talk with them, exchange suggestions, recipes, ideas: your motivation will be sky-high!

In conclusion: the last year and a half was not the best for our health goals and routines. We may have introduced bad habits in our lifestyle and ditched some of the positive ones we had. Now, it’s time to get back on track after the lockdown. It’s time to forgive ourselves and replace those bad habits with good ones. No need to make big steps from day one. We just need small modifications in our behavior.

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